Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Beau Wynja


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As temperatures begin to drop our favorite cozy sweaters manage to sneak their way out of storage and start keeping us warm. With sweaters on our bodies, and summer light fading, we were inspired to translate these feelings to our interior lighting.

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Color Cord Company Co-Founder and World Effect Studio Interior Designer Meggan Fadden Wynja hand selected selected this fall color palate. She says the “rich color tones are inspired by the American Southwest and Native American design aesthetic. The color palette is a balance of cool and warm tones with bright punches of color from the turquoise and mint found in Native American jewelry. The different types of cord add texture found in fall fashion,” such as her favorite fall knit sweaters (which she is happy to have reclaimed from storage).

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This whimsical table scape was inspired by the beginning stages of autumn as seen in nature herself. Whilst hiking the beautiful Boulder Flat Irons we stumbled upon this stunning branch, and thought it would make a beautiful foundation for a chandelier. Taking colors from our Fall 2014 Color Cord swatch, we a created this one of a kind branch chandelier which features color cords in brass, golden rod, mint and turquoise.

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Meggan says “ this DIY chandelier project shows refined sophistication courtesy the Shine Collection and is contrasted by earth tones in the Solid/Twisted Collection and natural wood and leather elements in the structure.” Industrial flat top socket covers and oversized Franklin vintage light bulbs finish off the chandelier making it perfect for our southwest inspired space. The stunning reclaimed teak table is courtesy of World Effect, as well as the stackable Ha Long ceramic bowls in the table center.

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This cable knit inspired pendant cluster truly shines thanks to our copper colored pendant wire from the Color Cord Shine collection. Accented by some of our favorite twisted two pair colors, flax and mint green, this easy to make pendant will add an autumnal touch to any space. The mint green metal socket covers, and barrel cord grips finish off the fixture, giving it a finished look. Place this cluster next to your favorite reading chair and curl up with a good book under the incandescent glow.

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If you have an industrial space that doesn’t call for a southwest influence, this color palate can easily be translated in a modern fashion. Instead of a natural branch, you can opt for one of our silicone shade kits for a clean look. The silicone shade kits allow for the colored cord to make a statement, while still calling for a second look themselves.

If the fall season has you inspired and feeling crafty, share your project with us! We would love to see how you use this Fall 2014 color palate, or a palate of your own creation.

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