Making a Floral Craft Ring Chandelier

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Making a Floral Craft Ring Chandelier 

Members of our creative design team, Meggan and Ivonne, take it step by step showing you how to build this 8 port pendant chandelier using an inexpensive floral craft ring!

Step 1: Drilling
Girls Drilling Holes into the Floral Craft Ring

Using a 1/8" drill bit, drill out the 8 pre-existing holes to make them larger as to easily fit our Cloth Covered Wire and DIY Lamp Parts.

Step 2: Sanding

Sanding Down the Entire Floral Craft Ring
Next, sand down the entire floral craft ring to prepare it for painting.

Step 3: Painting

Painting the Entire Floral Craft Ring
Our creative team chose to paint the craft ring black and will accent the chandelier with brass lighting components.
Step 4: Wiring Pendants

Girls Wiring Individual Pendants

While the floral craft ring dries, it's time to wire up your 8 individual pendants.  If you need a step by step guide on wiring, check out our videos on How To Wire Ivory Sockets and How To Wire Black Sockets.
List of Lighting Components You'll Need:
1. Cloth Covered Electrical Wire
2. Basic Black Sockets
3. Raw Brass Flat Top Socket Covers
4. Raw Brass Barrel Cord Grips Male
5. Raw Brass Barrel Cord Grips Female
6. 8-Port Custom Ceiling Canopy

Step 5: Measuring and Assembly

Golden Cord Grip
Measuring Golden Cord Grip
Girls Feeding Cord Through Ring
Fabric-covered electrical cord with brass piece

Once you're ready to assemble your pendants to the floral craft ring, measure your preferred drop length of each of the 8 pendants.  In this scenario, Ivonne and Meggan wanted the pendants to drop roughly 9" from the floral craft ring, but the length is up to you.  Feed the cloth covered wire through each hole on the craft ring and set the cord at its desired length by threading the male and female cord grip together with the ring between them.

Step 6: Design Preferences

Girl Looping Pendant Up and Around
Girls working on design of floral craft ring chandelier

At this point, Meggan chose to add a bit of personal style by looping each pendant up and around the inside of the craft ring several times and then going up to the ceiling canopy from the inside of the floral craft ring.  It's your choice to if you just want to go straight up with it, but don't be afraid to get fancy!

Step 7: Attach to Canopy and Install

Girls Holding Floral Craft Ring Chandelier
Floral Craft Ring Chandelier Lit

This project was an 8-port chandelier, so we built a custom canopy for this particular application.  We do offer custom canopy production if you need a canopy with a specific number of ports.  


Send us photos of your DIY Chandelier Projects, we'd love to see them!

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