Interior Pop!

Interior Pop!

Zach Ham
Tapered Fabric Shade Interior Pop

Make your interior pop! The interior of your lampshade, that is. Our Fabric Tapered Shades with color interiors are sure to do just that in any space. Above you get a glimpse into the Color Cord Company HQ and our very own custom light fixture. We took our favorite Neon Pink, Magenta and Neon Orange Cord with the Gray and Orange Fabric Tapered Shade for clean and colorful fixture.

Tapered Fabric Shade White Exterior

These are not your grandmother’s light shades – unless your grandmother has impeccable taste in color and style. Our Fabric Tapered shades are a perfect solution for anyone looking to add a pop of color to their space in a subtle and unexpected way. The Fabric Tapered Shades were designed for perfect compatibility with our Standard Cord Sets or Standard Socket with Ring.

Tapered Fabric Shade Black Exterior

Available in both white and grey exterior colors, a pleasant and bright pop of color comes from the gorgeous colored fabric interior.  Our white exterior shades feature a hot pink, lime green, teal or white interior for a fun and contemporary dose of color. The grey exterior shades feature a pop of interior yellow, orange, mint and light gray, making for a sophisticated and fun and dose of color. 


Tapered Fabric Shade Black Exterior Socket


Tapered Fabric Shade Black Exterior Socket Closeup
Black Sockets for Tapered Fabric Shade


The Fabric Tapered Shades are beautiful as a single swag light pendant or as a group of pendants coming from our multi-port ceiling canopies. You can pair with matching cord colors, or really go for it and add more color in to the mix. As always, share with us your shade and how you used it! 

multi-port ceiling canopies mix colors



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