How to Decorate With Statement Lighting Fixtures

How to Decorate With Statement Lighting Fixtures

Beau Wynja


Statement lighting can be as important to finishing a room in your home as jewelry is to tying together your outfit. While statement lighting comes in many shapes and aesthetics, if you use it right, anyone entering your space will definitely take notice. From unusual chandeliers to handcrafted shades, Color Cord Company has the statement lighting fixtures, the ideas, and the tutorials you need to transform any room!

Read on here to learn about the three most important factors to consider for choosing the perfect statement lighting for your home.


1. Style  

Statement lighting fixtures are a really great way to express your personal style and decor aesthetic. They're somewhat unexpected tools that you can use to add a little drama to your home with texture, color, and shape. Color Cord Company is constantly working to develop new designs that help you express your personal preference.

"...add a little drama to your home with texture, color, and shape."

Use our basket shades for a touch of boho flair or choose statement chandelier lighting designed through artist collaborations with some of our favorite designers. From a contemporary aura to a rustic vibe, the lighting fixtures in our collection can completely change the ambience of your home.

Some other styles and accents you may want to consider include:


2. Functionality


Before you jump right in and start designing your statement lighting fixtures, you should first consider the functionality you need for the room you’re updating. Ask yourself a few important questions to point you in the right direction:

  • How many fixtures do you actually need?
  • What is the purpose of the lighting you’re incorporating?
  • Do you need ambient lighting, accent lighting, or task lighting?
  • Are you going to want dimmers?
  • How much natural light does the room already have?
  • What size is the room you're designing for? Larger spaces will need much more light.

If the room you’re working on already has a lot of natural light, choosing a statement lighting fixture that’s dim (more form than function) isn’t a problem. However, we recommend playing with layering your light fixtures if the room has less windows and to avoid creating too many dark corners.

Overhead light fixtures generally should give off plenty of light, while accent statement chandelier lighting can add the warm inviting atmosphere you want to create. Focus on rooms like the living room and dining room where you’ll be spending the most time. Next comes your task pendant lighting and wall sconces to ensure you can actually see what you’re doing— whether it’s curled up in your reading nook with a book, putting on makeup in the vanity, or working on a new recipe in the kitchen.

Ambient lighting enhances the look and feel of the entire room, while your task lighting is an important part of functional everyday home design. Finally, accent lighting is more to showcase your favorite art pieces or decor accessories.


3. Design


A well designed home has a practical purpose for nearly everything. But, just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be subtle or boring. Don’t be afraid to explore dramatic statement lighting fixtures with bold materials and colors! As long as your new fixtures flow with the rest of the stylistic choices in your space (all while inspiring your own creativity), it will look great.

You might be reading this blog right now and thinking about the massive lighting redesign that you’ve been hesitant to start. Stop tiptoeing around and show off your fabulous personality and personal sense of style!


Decorating with Color Cord Company

From a dimly-lit, relaxed atmosphere to bright and energizing spaces, lighting is the key to completing the look and feel of a room. From unique lighting designs for small kitchens to brightening up a dark living room, Color Cord Company can help you make it happen.

Our all-in-one statement lighting fixtures are easy to customize and install, while our lamp parts ensure that you can shape and balance the lighting in your home to exactly meet your specifications. No matter what you need for your lighting redesign, Color Cord Company can help you accomplish it. Explore our entire collection or chat with us online today to get some inspiration!

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