Fun DIY lighting project with wood beads and bowl for family rooms

DIY Lighting Projects for Families

Meggan Wynja


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Time at home can be taxing, and “quality” time with the family can easily become screen time if you don’t have a plan. Do-it-yourself is more fun as “do-it-ourselves”, and scheduling DIY lighting projects that you can work on as a family is a fun way to knock a few errands off of the perpetual to-do list. There are a million fun ways to light any space, from innovative upcycling to colorful additions to old appliances that can remake your family’s shared space. More importantly, though, you’ll have memories that will last through every game night and dinner in your new space.

The Light Fantastic

A pop of color is great in an earth-toned space, and even a drab garage can become a vibrant playhouse with the right lighting.

Have a fun old appliance or device? Repurpose it with a bit of upgraded (and safe) wiring, and use it as a fun teachable moment for the little ones. Pro tip: Going the DIY route is great family fun, but supervising young hands when it comes to handling and cutting wires is essential, as is knowing your limits. As with any DIY project, it never hurts to call in a professional.

Every kid remembers their childhood bedroom (glow-in-the-dark stars and race car beds, anyone?). DIY lighting for bedroom reading nooks and play spaces can be a great way to make new memories with your little crew. The best DIY lighting projects are those that are unique, so lead by example and let imaginations run wild.

The Right Stuff

DIY String Shade with string and glue

Tin cans, old furniture, and even artificial plants can be transformed with the right lamp making supplies, and finding reliable and easy-to-use kits for DIY lighting projects can set you on the path to invention. Customize your shared space with unique fixtures and accessories like pendant lamps and one-of-a-kind cloth cord lights. With a vast array of colors and designs at your disposal, the sky's the limit when it comes to your plan for diy lighting for bedroom, bathroom, playroom, and more!

Of course, figuring out where to start with DIY lighting projects is just as important as finding the right materials. Plot out your family project the way the pros do:

  • The Outline: You don’t need a whole blueprint, but at least a rough sketch and rough deadline will help you (and your family crew) stick to your project through completion.
  • A Schedule: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your DIY project most likely won’t be completed that quickly either. Will you work on your DIY lighting projects every saturday? Every third Thursday? Make sure your schedule is doable and works with the broader collection of extracurriculars and other family activities.
  • A Partner: Where do you source your lamp making supplies? Finding a reliable, affordable source of supplies means having a partner in all your DIY adventures.
  • The Camera: Whether it's a digital camera or a simple smartphone, keep track of your progress. You’ll love having the footage to look back on, and it’ll give you a great “before and after” set of photos for showing off later.

The Family Circuit

Taking baskets or upcycle old lights into new fun versions of lighting

The family that works together not only stays together, but grows together. Finding fun and interesting DIY lighting projects that the entire family can take part in is easy when you have a great source for DIY lighting for bedroom projects and more. Like an unbroken circuit, let the spark of creativity flow from you to your little ones, and make your house a home with unique, imaginative touches.

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