DIY String Ball chandelier by Color Cord Company hanging over a bar cart

DIY Blogger Roundup: DIY Lighting Ideas We Love

DIY String Ball chandelier by Color Cord Company hanging over a bar cart

Playful & Cool DIY Lighting Ideas

Every few months, Color Cord Company likes to browse around the wide world of the internet and explore creative projects that utilize products in DIY lighting design projects. We love connecting with DIY bloggers who love the versatility and flexibility our store offers for their at-home light fixtures.

If you’re looking for gorgeous lighting fabrications and DIY lighting ideas for yourself, you should definitely check out this season’s roundup of bloggers and home DIYers to find unusual ways to spruce up your home decor with lighting!

1. Farmhouse Lighting Inspo with Hagan Home Design

Whether you need a light fixture for the kitchen or the bedroom, Hagan Home Design has you covered with DIY lighting ideas for every space. In their farmhouse lighting projects, they featured a number of Color Cord Company products that contributed to their completed installations.

Wood & Cloth Pendant Chandelier for the Kitchen


wood beam chandelier

For this farmhouse style chandelier, Hagan Home Design fell in love with a rustic DIY lighting design utilizing a massive wood beam as a centerpiece. Draped and tied all around the beam are pendant lights with designer light bulbs in different cord colors. At Color Cord Company, you can shop cloth-covered cord in the color of your choice by the foot to ensure you have enough cord to hang and wrap as many pendants around this beam as you desire. You’ll also find a wide selection of Edison-style bulbs that look stunning without a shade and complete this ultra-cool DIY lighting idea.

Knotted Plug-In Pendant for the Office

knotted cord pendant light

Next on Hagan Home Design’s DIY lighting idea list was this knotted plug-in design using two unique cord colors for a three-bulb cluster that has bright pops of color. Whether you prefer the green and patterned tones of the cord this blogger used, or you want to explore the colors that perfectly match the aesthetics in your home, Color Cord Company offers you that flexibility with cloth cords in all the colors of the rainbow.

While this DIY lighting idea opted for white socket covers between the bulbs and the cord, we have many more options for you to explore, including porcelain and metal covers in tons of finishes!

Bathroom Pendants with Glass Globes

pill-shaped pendant light shade
frosted glass globe wall sconce shade
The last item on Hagan Home Design’s own roundup was focused on glass shades for the bathroom. For this DIY lighting idea, you can see shades in tons of different shapes, sizes, and finishes that could complement your current bathroom decor. Whether you want to modernize with a pill-shaped shade or go retro with a globe-shaped shade, you have so many options at Color Cord Company! Check our unique glass shade shapes and sizes in clear, milky, and frosted finishes to mimic the designs you see in the Hagan blog!

2. Swag Pendants with Fiercely Finished

swagged pendant light
swag hook hardware kit

Instead of showcasing complete DIY lighting ideas and inspo, like Hagan Home Design, Fiercely Finished is actually taking you through every step of the installation process as she explores her coolest DIY lighting ideas. Her most recent tutorial is about how to swag a pendant light to create unique shapes in your space with realigned lighting cords. She ordered our pinch swag hook to install into her ceiling and modify an existing pendant light into something new.

While the pinch-shaped hook met her needs and aesthetic preferences, it’s not the only one available on our list! You’ll find round, t-shaped, and cord stay swag hooks in various finish colors so that your cord configuration looks exactly how you want! Each swag hook accessory even comes with the screws and tools you need to ensure easy installation!

3. Baseball Bat Lamps with HomeMade Modern

baseball bat pendant light DIY

Slightly more involved than just adding a swag hook to change the shape of an existing pendant, the baseball bat lamp from HomeMade Modern is a cool DIY lighting idea that really… hits it out of the park! (Yes, we went there.) 

This DIY blogger took metal baseball bats and recycled them into light fixtures by chopping off and shaping the ends, refinishing their paint colors, and wiring them with a bulb on the interior to create a stunning pendant design.

So where does Color Cord Company come in? We were honored that this hands-on designer decided to use our pendant light cord and porcelain socket hardware kit to wire the interior of the baseball bat shade. With all our lighting kits and accessories, Color Cord Company is here for more than just ready-to-ship fixtures!

4. Color Cord Pendants with Bonnie Christine

Bonnie Christine was looking for a DIY lighting design that would allow her to light up her kitchen counters without resorting to the cookie-cutter styles available at most stores. Color Cord Company came to the rescue with a modular DIY lighting idea that was easy to personalize and install!

Bonnie Christine chose to order several ready-made pendant lights with custom cord colors and drape them around a copper pipe that she had already bought. She also decided to leave the bulbs bare and really let the cords and the copper do all the talking, but there’s always the option to elevate this look even more with a matching geometric bulb cage!

What’s Next

We’re hoping that these DIY lighting ideas have got you feeling inspired and ready to add some creative flare to your next DIY project. Whether you’re going all out and doing literally everything yourself or you just want to make some quick fixes with swag hooks and lamp shades, Color Cord Company is always here to help. 

Browse our blog today for more DIY lighting design roundups, as well as wiring instructions, lighting tips, and so much more!

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