DIY woven yarn lamp shade light fixture

Blogger Roundup: Fall DIY Projects

Beau Wynja

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Color Cord Company is about more than massive commercial projects and restaurant redesigns! We’re also here to help enthusiastic DIYers find the inspiration, products, and tools they need to develop creative ceiling lights to personalize their space. If you’re ready to see some of the coolest projects from our favorite bloggers, check out this roundup of DIY fall projects.

1- Faux Woven Yarn Pendant by A Kailo Chic Life

 DIY woven yarn lamp shade light fixture

Are you looking for a way to liven up your space with unusual textures and bright bursts of color? This DIY fall project is the one for you! This creative ceiling light was put together by Kara, the interior design blogger behind A Kailo Chic Life, using a woven basket, various textures of yarn, and a pendant light kit from Color Cord Company!

Once Kara found a basket or woven shade in the right shape and size, she turned her attention to sprucing up her yarn. She made braids and tassels of different sizes and glued them to the basket in a sporadic arrangement. Once the shade was complete, hanging it onto the pendant light was easy!

Do you know what yarn colors you would choose for this pendant light creation? What pattern would you create?

2- Concrete Pendant Light by Jeff Luxin

 ceiling light with an oblong cement shade

Do you love the industrial feel of metal and concrete? Is your space defined by bold features and minimalist accessories? Then, this DIY fall project from interior design blogger, Jeff Luxin, is for you! Jeff took a gold pendant cord and ceiling panel from Color Cord Company and combined them with a molded concrete shade. This project resulted in a heavy, dramatic ceiling light that’s perfect for his bathroom. 

We think the most difficult part of this project was ensuring that the weight of the shade wouldn’t overwhelm the strength of the cord and ceiling. If you’re planning on making anything heavy to hang from your ceiling, we recommend speaking with a contractor and lighting specialist to ensure that your creative ceiling light design is structurally sound.

3- Cement Desk Lamp by Jojotastic

 desk lamp with a cement base

Are you looking to create a whole set of concrete light fixtures? We’ve found another interior design blogger to help inspire you! Instead of a ceiling light, consider a cement desk lamp for your industrial aesthetic. Jojotastic was inspired to start this DIY fall project when she saw the huge selection of cord colors in our online store. The striped red and white zig-zag pattern on one of our cords really caught her eye, and she decided to build a lamp around it!

With cloth-covered wire, mirrored globe bulb, plug end, keyed socket, round duct pipe, conduit pipe, straw, cardboard, and cement, Jojotastic transformed some basic raw materials into a work of art! The heavy base makes this lamp ultra-sturdy, and the exposed bulb allows you to get creative with your light bulb choices.

4- IKEA Hack Pendant Light | At Home on the Bay

 industrial style pendant light with shade

When Mary, from At Home on the Bay, decided to create her own pendant light, she turned to Color Cord Company for her accessories and supplies because we offer budget-friendly products that deliver a high-quality look and feel. Instead of buying a completed shade from a high-end store at a premium price, she found a similar shade at Ikea. With an easy paint job and some custom color cord from our store, she created the same high-end shade for her fall DIY project at ⅓ of the cost!

5- DIY Paper Lamp Shades from


marbled DIY paper lampshades

We just can’t get over the fact that this lampshade is made of paper! The marbling design, the color choices, the shape — everything looks so professional. But according to Kellie Marie Hall, this DIY fall project is easier than you think. Using a custom light cord kit from our store, a slope lampshade, wrapping paper, and blank paper, she made a gorgeous lampshade that you can place on nearly every kind of fixture.

Because it’s made of paper, this shade is an ideal fixture for diffusing harsh bulbs into soft light. Use them in places where you might need intimate lighting, like the living room or bedroom!

6- Chic Lighting with Alchemy Eclectic

pendant light with chic patterned lampshade

Alchemy Eclectic chose to do something simple yet striking for their DIY fall project. With just a perforated lampshade, a pendant kit, and an extra-long custom color cord from Color Cord Company, PJ put together something personalized, unique, and original — without breaking a sweat!

The perforated shade lets the light seep through, so your space is well-lit but also intimate. Even cooler, PJ chose to play the shade colors and the cord colors off of each other in a way that highlights both! A black shade with a hot pink cord? That’s a bold and creative mood we can get behind!

Start Your Own DIY Fall Projects!

Do any of these DIY fall projects have you feeling inspired? Follow in the footsteps of these interior design bloggers when you start your journey at Color Cord Company! Browse kits, customization options, wiring instructions, and style inspo here!

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