Happy 4th of July!!

red, white and blue cord sets with industrial cages

We wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Independence Day holiday weekend!  We're in the red, white and blue kind of mood.  Be sure to check out all our DIY pendant cord and pendant kits in patriotic colors. 


red, white and blue fabric covered wire

Also, a fun little trick with our fabric covered wire is to use colored electrical tape to create fun stripes.  We used our white standard grounded set and added stripes of red electrical tape.  A super easy and fun way to change the look of our cord sets.  We have seen some pretty colors of electrical tape, fuchsia, lime, yellow, orange, for about $3.95 at your local hardware store.  These colors could make some really fun combinations with our cord colors.  Give it it try and let us know what you come up with!  

red electrical tape used for stripes on cord

cloth covered light cord with electrical tape stripes