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Color Drenching: Our Favorite Modern Interior Design Color Trend

Beau Wynja

With all the maximalist design trends coming our way in the New Year, it’s no surprise that interior decorators have taken a page from the book of fashion with color drenching. As one of our favorite modern trends, it has the ability to make a room look bigger and more inviting — all while playing up your personality and customizing your space.

But what is color drenching, and how can you dip your toe into this new trend with modern interior design colors? The Color Cord Company design team has the answers you need and the guidance you want! Check out this blog for an overview of this trend and our best tips on incorporating it into your space.

What Is Color Drenching?

This trend is all about monochromatic color. You choose a main hue for your space, and then everything from the walls and modern light fixtures to the furniture and decor all feature that color. One of the most popular modern interior design colors for this trend right now is green, but you can go in nearly any direction, including peach for light and airy vibes, purple for mysterious, rich energy, or grey for something soothing and neutral.

Benefits of Color Drenching

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest benefit of this trend is that it makes rooms look bigger. It can also lend your space an air of order and organization — even if you only paint the walls and moldings. You achieve these effects by creating the illusion of height through baseboards and walls that blend directly into the ceiling.

Best Modern Interior Design Colors

You might be thinking that you can only drench a room with light colors because, traditionally, dark colors make rooms feel smaller. But you can still use color drenching with navy, forest green, and Bordeaux — especially in larger rooms. When using darker tones for this trend, you create feelings of intimacy, elegance, and drama.

Color Drenching Tips

If you’re not sure whether this trend is for you, or you don’t have the time to overhaul an entire room all at once, Color Cord Company is here with some top tips to get you started. Start your exploration into this trend with everything from modern light fixtures to elegant upholstery!

1. Start with the Small Things

You might not be sure which color is ideal for you or where to even start, so we say having continual color in any single place should be your origin point. If you have built-in furniture, radiators, modern pendant fixtures, or woodwork, you can eliminate the visual noise they create with their unique textures and colors by homogenizing them into a single hue — even if this modern interior design color is neutral enough that you can paint over it with a bolder theme later.

2. Choose Lofty Rooms

If you’re browsing your space wondering which room you should attack first, you might want to begin with the one that has the highest ceiling. You’ll see a bit of a drop in the loftiness of the space without feeling cramped, which will help you decide if you can apply color drenching to every other room. This technique works well in entryways, hallways, and other transitory spaces.

3. Explore Color Options

You might be wondering why choosing a color is so low on the list, but we think you should bring this in late because it can be hard to identify your personal preference. Carefully consider all the elements that are going to exist in this space, including wall mounted light fixtures, artwork, and textiles, to determine whether the color you choose will truly act as a unifying glue for all these features.

We recommend exploring some of the color options available for your favorite decor accents to see if you can even achieve the right hues.

4. Use Bigger Samples

Instead of choosing half a dozen color samples and painting them all next to each other on the wall, get some lining paper for larger sheets that you can paint in one or two colors to see how they register in your space, responding to different times and lighting configurations. You’ll be able to move them around the entire room to ensure your chosen color looks amazing at any angle.

5. Prepping Is Essential

When color drenching, you’ll have a lot of prep work to do before you can start painting. You’ll need to sand, sugar soap, prime, and more to ensure every coat of paint has the integrity and longevity you want. It takes time, but it’s definitely worth it!

6. Move On To Furnishing

With your background color drenching complete, it’s time to turn to playing with updating the light fixtures and furnishings. Explore several shades of your background hue to create shade, lightness, and tension that pulls the eye and encourages it to travel around the room. Choose variations on your chosen color palette in tints lighter or shades darker, creating contrast with decorative layers.

Our Boutique Collection

At Color Cord Company, we have the perfect collection to help you find modern interior design colors for color drenching. Our Boutique Collection, full of earthy tones and contemporary hues, comes with color matching from Pantone, so you can build a room based on a single color for monochromatic self-expression. We also offer a raw finish option in nearly any fixture type that allows you to paint over it with any color you want!

Explore the Boutique Collection, as well as All-In-One options in Raw Metal and our variety of cloth-covered cord colors, to soak any space in your preferred color today!

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