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Trend Spotlight: 2023 Lighting Trends in Review & Forecast for Interior Design in 2024

Meggan Wynja

As we look back at this last year, the team at Color Cord Company also looks ahead to see what design elements we can play with in the coming year. 

Let’s reflect on 2023 lighting trends and predict 2024 interior design trends together to rediscover old inspirations and find new looks! Follow along with our lighting design experts as we remind you of our favorite moments from the last year before diving into what you’ll see in the next.

2023 Lighting Trends

In 2023, we continued to see people looking for opportunities to blend lighting as creative ornamentation with lighting as a functional necessity – this affected 2023 lighting trends in four key areas.

1. Statement Fixtures

With a sculptural statement fixture, you can transform a space, create a focal point, and build your interior design based on one central piece.

Some of the modern light fixtures we offer with this in mind include pendant chandeliers with button light shades, retro-inspired globe chandeliers, and customizable plug-in pieces with multi-armed designs.

Everything from the finish to the shade of the light fixtures in our collection is modular and customizable, allowing you to add drama and flair that expresses your unique aesthetic.

2. Vintage & Retro

We’ve all felt the longing for simpler, idealized times throughout the turmoil of the last few years. So it’s no surprise that vintage and retro designs made a big splash in 2023 lighting trends. Some classic silhouettes from mid-century modern interior decor made their way back into the modern lexicon, including glass globe light fixture shades, industrial metal shades, and Edison-style indoor light bulbs. Even colors once considered “garish” by modern standards, like bright red, black and white zig-zags, or vivid turquoise, have seen a new flood of popularity and interest. 

3. Brass & Black

Bright white and unique shapes have come back from the annals of history, but brass and black continue to dominate 2023 lighting trends. This combination is all about the hardware finish, allowing you to explore warm, dark tones and modernize vintage brass looks with this new twist. You might have found some super cool antique brass pieces at second-hand stores and markets that may be perfect for repurposing for your next DIY project. Color Cord Company also offers this option in our custom lighting tool.

When you customize a light fixture, you can choose our Raw Brass metal finish option and combine it with one of several black-toned cord color options. Or, go the other way around and opt for a brass color cord and matte black hardware finish!

4. Natural Tones

Natural elements have always been popular, so they’re definitely part of the 2023 lighting trend selection. However, this past year, darker, deeper, and earthier tones took the stage. Instead of beige and sage, we saw a ton of rust, pine, ochre, slate, and latte hues.

In fact, you can find these exact colors in a collection we designed to keep up with these ceramic-inspired hues. Browse the Boutique Collection to discover your favorites! You’ll also find these colors and natural textures in coastal grandma-inspired interior decor.

2024 Interior Design Trends

With 2023 lighting trends behind us, let’s look ahead to some of the 2024 interior design trends we hope to see in the coming year.

1. Delicate Statement Pieces

While 2023 lighting trends saw flashy statement pieces with odd angles and shapes, this changes in 2024. We’re hoping to see and explore more delicate, mobile-style lighting over islands and dining tables with shallow flush-mounting that still work as art pieces.

2. Unique Textures

Instead of flat hard surfaces for walls and accessories, people are turning to finishes that feel softer and more enveloping. You can expect to see more ceramics, wood, limewash, and other textures to carry out this 2024 interior design trend.

This trend will carry over into lighting as well with woven lampshades that feel rustic yet elegant. This is going to be a fresh take on cottage-core and coastal interior design aesthetics that can refresh your space with the change of a shade.

3. Storage at Center Stage

Another interior design trend we’re expecting to see is the preference for more functionality in storage. Old-fashioned storage of physical objects may not be innovative, but it’s definitely on deck as many people transition to a maximalist design style. Furthermore, the nostalgia of book collections and the urge to DIY everything means you’re probably building up a big library and craft supply. You’ll want walk-in closets, shelving, and libraries to cope with the extra items, and of course creative, functional light fixtures to complement those spaces.

4. Personalization to the Max

Whether it’s lighting or other interior design elements, personalization will continue to be a big deal in 2024. Like fashion, trends will change, so choosing styles you love is the most important. Explore your personal style and make it a guiding force for your home.

When it comes to lighting specifically, you can customize nearly any piece at Color Cord Company. Explore our wall sconces, flush mounts, pendant lights, and other fixtures to create something that’s unique to your personal aesthetic.

Looking Forward

Looking at this list, you can see how 2023 lighting trends are evolving to meet the needs of people in 2024. If you’re planning a redesign of your private or commercial space, let these predictions guide you to develop personal, comfortable, and functional style for any room.

And if you need a little more assistance from the experts, our customer care specialists are always here to help. Reach out to us today online, by phone, or through email.

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