3 Arm Pendant Kit

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Triple Pendant Light How-To

At Color Cord Company, we make DIY triple pendant lights easy! Whether you’re replacing a single light fixture in your home or you’re doing a complete lighting overhaul, our team is here to help you learn how to wire a three-bulb ceiling light. With a chandelier wiring kit and a few other tools and parts, you can swap out your lighting in no time!

Ready to get started? Check out all the components you’ll need for this triple pendant light below before continuing down to the wiring instructions.

Lighting Components

You may also want to purchase our wire stripping tool for easier prep. However, there are ways to strip the wire on a chandelier wiring kit without using a tool, like with a blade or super glue.

How To

Once you have all your parts and tools assembled, it’s time to learn how to wire your socket for a three-bulb ceiling light. Follow these step-by-step instructions for easy guidance:

  1. Untwist the cap from your cord grip
  2. Tape the end of the cord to make it easier to slide the grip and cap over the cord
  3. Insert the taped end of your cord into the top whole of the cord grip cap
  4. Now, top it with the cord grip with the threaded portion facing the end of the cord
  5. Measure 1.25” from the tip of your cord and wrap this part in tape
  6. Strip the PVC housing over the tape to expose the wires
  7. Don’t cut the conductor wires as you expose them
  8. Strip each of the conductor wires within to expose 3/16” of stranded copper
  9. Twist the copper strands together tightly
  10. Locate the screw for the ground terminal and loosen it a bit
  11. Bend the end of the ground wire (green) to a right angle
  12. Insert the ground wire through the top of the cap
  13. Connect the ground wire to the ground terminal and twist the wires together
  14. Confirm that the wires are completely inside the hole and secure it with a screw
  15. Insert the white and black wires through the top of the opening inside the cap
  16. Connect the white wire to the negative port and the black wire to the positive port
  17. Confirm all the pieces are securely in place, and then close and lock the entire socket
  18. Slide the cord grip down the cord, so it’s snug against the closed socket
  19. Thread the cord grip onto the socket and twist until secure

You’ll need to complete this process with all three of the ports on your triple pendant light. Don’t forget to slide the tubing, socket covers, and cord grips onto your wires to create sturdy arms that attach to the cloth-covered cord which feeds into your ceiling canopy. See the video above for a visual guide that accompanies the written instructions.

Helpful Guides

Installing your triple pendant light is a multi-step process. You may find it helpful to use a few of our other guides to double-check your work, including How To Wire a Basic Black Socket - Basic, Standard, & Extended Threads. We even have tutorials on similar projects with multi-cluster ports that result in very different aesthetics.

If you’re looking for a three-bulb project with a unique shade instead of long arms, check out the candelabra trio with hubcap shade tutorial. Looking for something that combines armed pendant lights with a rustic twist? Explore the custom wood cluster body project here!

We Make DIY Easy

At Color Cord Company, our mission is to make every aspect of your lighting design accessible and easy to understand. Whether this is your first triple pendant light project or you’re experienced in DIY lighting, we’re always here to help. If you have any questions about this tutorial or another custom project on our site, please reach out to the team for additional assistance!

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