How To: Use Standard Cord Grip

Beau Wynja

Cord Grips with Strain Relief

The standard lamp cord grip, also known as a strain-relief cord grip, is our most popular part for attaching your socket to our cloth-covered wire. Our cord grips feature a two-part construction that includes the 1/8 IPS threaded base with grip pongs and a finishing cap. 

This video should show you all you need to know to get the hang of using this lighting essential in your DIY lighting project. 

Watch this short video tutorial, and check out our step-by-step instructions to learn how to install a lamp cord grip onto your newest fixture today!


While cord grips with strain relief are pretty simple to apply, we recommend having all these tools and accessories on-hand to ensure the smoothest possible installation.

  • Cord Grip
  • Color Cord
  • Electrical Tape
  • Scissors

Before starting this project, we recommend consulting with a local electrician to ensure you’re taking the appropriate safety precautions for using electrical cord grips.


 Ready to start working? Follow these steps for quick and easy application in just a few minutes!

  1. Cut a narrow piece of electrical tape to secure over the end of the cord so that the cloth covering doesn’t slip or shift off the internal wires.
  2. Unscrew the cord grip and gently screw the cap portion of the piece over the tape and onto the cord.
  3. Take the second piece of the cord grip and bend back the prongs so it doesn’t catch or fray the cloth cord covering.
  4. Screw on the second piece of the cord grip with the prongs facing the cord grip cap so both pieces are fully on the cord.
  5. Screw the pieces back together about an inch away from your electrical tape before moving on to stripping the end of the cord.

At Color Cord Company, we have cord grips for strain relief available in multiple finish options and colors. Explore black, white, clear, and metallic options to ensure your electrical cord grip matches the rest of your fixture hardware!

Why Use A Cord Grip?

Cord grips have a very important purpose in light fixture installation — especially heavier fixtures, like chandeliers. When you use a cord grip, you’re trying to prevent cords and cables from being twisted loose or pulled away from ceilings and walls. You can protect your cables and cords from stress or damage and relieve any strain on connection equipment, like light sockets. Cord grips are also integral to providing safe connection points that prevent sparks and arc flashes.

We’re Here to Help

Since applying a cord grip with strain relief is only a small part of a larger project, you’ll need to explore wire stripping instructions and mounting guides separately. But we promise, every part of your project is simple and accessible when you follow our DIY how-to guides. You might even find inspiration to help you redesign your light fixtures for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

If you have any questions about cord grips with strain relief, customizing your fixtures, or general DIY concerns, please feel free to email us or give us a ring. We're here to help with personalized guidance for every project.

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