12 Projects of Christmas | Project #9 DIY String Ball Chandelier

Ball Pendant Lamp

At Color Cord Company, we love a good project for the holidays (or for any day off, really). For this DIY light fixture project, we created a dramatic globe-shaped light fixture using yarn, Mod Podge, and a balloon. Wondering how to make your own DIY string ball chandelier? Follow along as we take you through each step of the ball pendant lamp project here!


Your cloth-covered cord and yarn can be any color you want! Create a matching DIY string ball chandelier with analogous or contrasting colors – it’s all up to you!


Step 1: Prepping

balloon, yarn, and mod podge
pouring mod podge into a cup
string in mod podge solution
measuring canopy size on a balloon

There aren't many steps to this DIY string ball chandelier project, but there is some prep work to complete. First, we started by inflating a balloon, pouring Mod Podge into a medium-sized container, and dipping our yarn into the Mod Podge. 

We also traced the circumference of a 3-Port Ceiling Canopy on the top of the balloon to ensure we have enough space to suspend a light bulb and fixture inside the string ball.

Step 2: Wrapping the Balloon

pulling yarn out of mod podge
wrapping yarn around balloon
yarn wrapped around a balloon
drying, yarn wrapped balloon

Wrap your balloon in the Mod Podge-soaked yarn. Work in opposing and random directions to get the dramatic texture and look you want! You don’t have to completely hide the balloon with the yarn, as you want to ensure that light can shine through the holes.

We recommend letting the yarn dry as long as possible. It may take longer than you think! We had to let the balloon and yarn sit overnight before it was dry for the next day.

Step 3: Wiring A 3-Port Ceiling Canopy

tools for wiring a pendant lamp
stripping lamp wires
wiring pendant parts
completed pendant lighting

Your 3-port ceiling canopy and DIY string ball chandelier light fixture should come with all the parts and accessories you need to properly wire the pieces together. Check out our video on How To Wire Ivory Sockets for all the details.

Step 4: Popping the Balloon!

popping a balloon
cleaning yarn globe

This step was simple and gratifying! Pop it with a pin and the string should be dry enough to hold its shape. Now, gently clean out any remaining Mod Podge and balloon residue.

Step 5: Assessing Pendant Lengths & Installation

assembling pendant light
measuring pendants inside yarn globe

Before we secured our pendant to our canopy, we assessed the length we needed for a tasteful suspension inside the string ball. Then, we set the canopy set screws on each of the three ports. Finally, install and enjoy!

Light It Up!

DIY string ball chandelier over a dining table

We are in love with how our DIY string ball chandelier turned out. What do you think of it? Did yours turn out like ours? Share your photos with us!

Have a different holiday lighting project? Send us photos of the completed results for a chance to be featured on our social media and our blog!

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