12 Projects of Christmas - Project #9 String Ball Pendant

12 Projects of Christmas - Project #9 String Ball Pendant

We created a dramatic globe-shaped light fixture using yarn, Mod Podge and a balloon.

Color Cord Product You'll Need:

Cloth Covered Electrical Cord

3-Port or Custom Canopy

Rounded Metal Socket Covers

Basic Ivory Sockets

Metal Barrel Male Cord Grips

Round Swag Hook

Step 1: Prepping
There aren't many steps to this project, but first we started with inflating our balloon, pouring our Mod Podge and dipping our yarn.  We also traced the circumference of a 3-Port Ceiling Canopy on the top of the balloon to account for having enough space for the light fixture to suspend inside the string ball.

Step 2: Wrapping the Balloon
We wrapped our balloon in the Mod Podge-soaked yarn.  To get a dramatic texture, best results come from wrapping in random directions.  Allow ample amount of time to let the yarn dry!  We let it sit overnight and came back to it the next day.

Step 3: Wiring a 3-Port Ceiling Canopy
If you need step by step instructions on wiring a ceiling pendant, check out our video on  How To Wire Ivory Sockets.
Step 4: Popping the Balloon!
This step was simple and gratifying!  Pop it!  Then gently clean out any remaining Mod Podge and balloon residue.
Step 5: Assessing Pendant Lengths and Installation

Before we secured our pendant to our canopy, we assessed the length needed for a tasteful suspension inside the string ball.  Then, we set the canopy set screws on each of the three ports.  Finally, install and enjoy!  We are in love with how our String Ball Pendant turned out.  What do you think of it?!  Send us photos of your DIY Holiday Projects!