12 Projects of Christmas - Project #4 Wood Bead Pendant Light

12 Projects of Christmas - Project #4 Wood Bead Pendant Light

We incorporated wooden beads of various shapes and sizes to emphasize a Raw Brass Single Port Ceiling Pendant!

DIY Lighting Parts That You'll Need:

Cloth Covered Electrical Cord

Basic Ivory Socket

Flat Top Metal Socket Cover

Male Metal Barrel Cord Grip

LED Bulb

Single Port Ceiling Canopy

Step 1: Drilling into the Beads and Bowl
The holes in the beads were a touch too small to fit our 18g Cloth Covered Electrical Cord through them, so we drilled the holes a bit larger as well as used the same drill for the wooden bowl.

Step 2: Staining

We stained the wooden beads with a Dark Walnut finish to provide a subtle contrast between the wood and the Raw Brass components. 

Step 3: Wiring your Single Port Ceiling Pendant

If you need step by step instructions on how to wire a Single Port Ceiling Pendant, check out our video How To Wire a Basic Ivory Socket.  Now, let's make it a BALLER Pendant!

Step 4: Threading the Bowl and Beads onto Cloth Covered Electrical Cord

We added a couple of crimps along the cord as stoppers to properly space each section of beads.  The combination of stained and unstained beads provided great contrast for the final look.  Send us photos of your DIY Holiday Projects!  Stay tuned, Project #6 is coming up quick!