Paint It Gold

DIY Painted PVC Table Lamp with Blush Color Cord

When in doubt paint it gold. That’s what we say here at Color Cord Company. We went on an adventure to the local hardware store, and found ourselves in the PVC pipe aisle. And within this aisle a golden idea was born, an affordable DIY table lamp made out of PVC pipe. Since we were using plastic piping to create this lamp, gold was the color it had to be. Blush was the perfect cloth covered pendant light cord color to compliment our golden lamp structure.DIY Supplies for PVC Table Lamp

Gold Painted PVC DIY Table Lamp

Above, you can see all of the components of this lamp. All of the PVC pipe courtesy of your local hardware store, and the electrical components courtesy of the Color Cord DIY section.

1.  Gold Spray Paint + Primer - $6.76

2.  3/4" PVC pipe (one 10' length cut onto legs, stem etc.) - $2.25

3.  3/4" PVC tee x 2 - $2.35

4.  3/4" PVC cross - $1.97

5.  3/4" PVC elbow x 6 - $2.35

6. Removable Plug End - $4.00

7. Grounded Porcelain Socket - $5.00

8.  Raw Metal Bulb Cage - $11.00

9. 10'  of Blush DIY Pendant Cord - $15


We painted each individual component of the lamp first, and then proceeded with the assembly. With the additional layer of spray paint we didn’t find it necessary to glue the PVC components together, the fit was plenty tight.

Using PVC is a great option to create your own lamp with lots of style, while not spending too much of your own personal gold. We think the possibilities are endless, and as usual would love to see what you DIYers out there come up with. So post your own PVC pipe project, or any other project on our Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pages.

DIY PVC Table Lamp painted Gold

Written and Styled by Zach Ham