Color Cord Bedroom Lighting Ideas on Martha Stewart

Cover of Martha Stewart living Color Cord’s white dome pendant shade with pink cloth covered cord in a feature in Martha Stewart magazine about bedroom lighting and design ideas.

Modern Bedside Lamps & More

Are you wondering where you’ve seen Color Cord Company before? We’ve actually been featured in the Martha Stewart Living magazine for our unique, fresh, and fun lighting ideas for spring — especially when it comes to modern light fixtures and bedroom lamps. Whether you’re looking for bedroom lighting ideas for spring or you want to revitalize your space with a new look for any season, check out how our recommendations can make big changes.

1. Make It About Color

With all the new trends hitting home decor, color is one that stands out. We’re done with neutral hues and boring grays for bedroom lighting ideas! Instead, it’s all about color drenching and elegant, maximalist vibes that allow you to show off your colorful personality.

Seasonal Coloration

With the modular designs in our collection and the simple wiring instructions in our blogs, you can swap out different aspects of your modern bedside lamps on a regular basis. Whether it’s a different finish on your hardware or a colorful shade that changes with the seasons, you have the power to update your modern light fixtures in less than a day. Explore our Boutique Collection for warm, earthy tones that are all about fall, or browse our cord colors for sunshine yellows and sky blues for pastel tones that make everyone think of spring.

Color Drenching

A newer trend we’re embracing head-on is color drenching, where you choose a single color and create layers and dimension with different shades of the same hue. This creates a sophisticated, bold, and monochromatic look that includes everything from your bedroom lamps and sheets to the walls and trimmings. Match lamp shades to pillowcases and so much more with our colorful finish selection!

2. Make It About Shape

Instead of choosing color as your point of interest, consider exploring bedroom lighting ideas that revolve around shape. 

Modern Bedside Lamps

If you want a modern light fixture in your bedroom, we have three sleek, minimalist collections to meet your needs. Angular shapes, metallic finishes, and adjustable angles can help you change the feel of your space with the bend of an arm. Browse the Hinge, Junction, and Bend collections for shapely light fixtures.

Boho Bedroom Lamps

boho style bedroom lighting ideas

In addition to modern designs, we also have boho and eclectic shades that completely change the energy in your space with just one addition to your light fixture. Explore natural and woven shades in basket, drum, and dome shapes to create a dramatic ceiling pendant light to complement your bedside fixtures. 

Retro-Inspired Bedroom Lighting Ideas

A blast from the blast comes in many shapes! Consider a glass globe that evokes the 1950s or maybe a metal shade that evokes a feeling similar to the white shade pictured in the Martha Stewart feature. Our versatile light shades make it easy to blend with your favorite design era aesthetic! 

3. Highlight the Color Cord

You can highlight the color cord of any plug-in wall sconce or pendant fixture with a customized design from our cloth-covered cords. In the Martha Stewart bedroom inspiration, they feature one of our pink cords that subtly makes a statement against the otherwise neutral-toned furnishings. We have hundreds of cord color options, including patterned designs and multi-colored options. Run with this bedroom lighting idea and use the cloth-covered cord as an accent in any room.

4. Cohesive Layered Lighting

As you’re exploring all these bedroom lighting ideas, make sure you keep layered lighting at the forefront of your mind. You don’t have to choose between a bedside lamp and a flush-mounted chandelier! You can have both when you prioritize layered lighting with fixtures for task, accent, and ambient needs.

5. Location, Location, Location

wall-mounted bedside lamp

While it may be obvious where you want to place the main ceiling light in your space, there’s a lot more flexibility with bedside lighting. You can have a bedside lamp that sits on a table or opt for one of our wall-mounted sconces — which gives you a lot more flexibility. You can mount our wall sconces to the side or above your head to create the perfect angle.

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Being featured in Martha Stewart’s magazine is just one reason why you should turn to Color Cord Company for your bedroom lighting ideas. Let us help you perfect the lighting for your space when you reach out to our incredible customer service representatives!