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At Color Cord Company, we love following trends in interior design and identifying unique ways to introduce exciting styles to our collection. In the last few years, the most intriguing and inspiring have been boutique lighting colors featuring artisanal light fixtures in a variety of rich but subdued color palettes. This unique look delivers added depth and variation to fixtures of the same hue, allows for more customization, and ensures everyone can find something that fits their aesthetic.

A New Twist on Timeless Colors

While these earth-toned light fixture colors may seem like a retro trend that’s reminiscent of your grandmother’s 1960s living room, this is a modern reinterpretation is a contemporary take on a boutique lighting style that explores earthy neutral tones, energetic pinks, and rich red hues instead of overwhelming a room with a single solid color.

Explore our lighting shop online to see how we’ve created a new and elegant light fixture style, available in various light fixture designs, using warm, earthy neutrals designed to complement an array of wallpaper, paint, and wood selections.

Versatile & Comforting Finish Colors

As you explore the light fixture colors in our collection, you’ll quickly see that these are subdued shades of green, brown, and ivory that have just enough spark to deliver a range of rainbow tones that bring new joy to your interior design. Make a statement with pendant lights, wall sconces, plug-ins, and flush-mounted fixtures from a store that gives you the flexibility you need to experiment with natural finishes, metallic hues, and modular design!

Shop our boutique lighting today and find all the fixtures you need to create a cohesive look for every space in your home, office, or commercial building.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your needs and get personalized guidance from the experts in lighting design.