Trend Spotlight: “Hot Metals” & Metallic Light Fixtures for the Home

Meggan Wynja

Color Cord’s multi-widget trio plug-in pendant chandelier in polished coppper

Mixing Metals in Interior Design

We love to keep our eye on what’s going on across the internet to spot new trends that can help you enhance your home decor. One of the newest things popping up on our social media and Pinterest feeds right now are “hot metals” for interior decor, as well as metallic light fixtures. 

Wondering how you can include this trend into your space? We have the answers! Let’s take a dive into what it means to have metal finishes for interior design and explore a few tips and tricks for adding hot metals to your home.

What is the Hot Metal Trend?

Whether it’s fashion or interior decor, there are many ways to interpret the hot metal trend. We’re seeing a lot of people introduce it in pieces where the metal looks melted and gooey — like molten metal! But, we’re also seeing metallic tones applied to some of our favorite colors, like green, pink, and blue. 

So, in addition to normally-hued metallic light fixtures in bronze, gold, copper, silver, and platinum, we’re exploring new ways to bring metal finishes into interior design. You can also find metallic accents in non-metal materials, like glazed clay, tiles, and linens.

How to Use Metals in Interior Design

If you’re wondering how to open the door to hot metals and metallic colors into your interior decor, you’ve come to the right place! Color Cord Company has ideas for every room in your home. Check out some of our favorite metallic light fixtures for every room, along with other places where you can add a shiny, sparkling touch here.

  • Making It Matte

    Whether you’re looking for quiet luxury or love modern designs with a more contemporary edge, it can be tough to embrace a trend that’s a little more on the flashy side. But don’t worry! You can moderate the hot metal trend by looking for matte finishes in your metallic light fixtures and furniture. Look for finish or color descriptions that hint at a matte, instead of a shiny, look:

    • Brushed — A duller metal with a unidirectional finish as if it was brushed
    • Raw — An unfinished option that will oxidize and age naturally over time
    • Matte — A smooth and non-reflective finish with no gloss or shine

    Avoid any metallic tones that are described as polished or glossy, as these will have a shinier interior design metal finish. Some of our favorite collections that offer matte, brushed, and raw metallic finishes include:

    When you choose understated metallic tones in gold and brass, you bring an elegant touch to your space that harmonizes with other muted tones, like organic linen fabrics and sandy neutrals. They also have the added benefit of hiding scuffs and fingerprints in a way that smooth, glossy surfaces simply can’t.

    • Exploring Metallic Hues

      Alt text: metallic finishes on accents in the living room

      Choosing between glossy and matte metals in interior design is one task, but tone is just as important as texture. Whether it’s metallic light fixtures in the dining room or a sparkling backsplash in the kitchen, you need to find the right colors for your home.

      Silver and chrome are the ideal options for modern and minimalist homes, while gold, brass, and copper are perfect for boho, rustic, and traditional aesthetics. You can even explore bolder color schemes, like metallic greens and pinks in tiles, upholstery, and other metal fixtures. 

      If you’re still struggling to figure out where to incorporate metals in interior design, metallic light fixtures are the key. Silver pendant lights will complement the cool tones of your bedroom, while gold wall sconces can harmonize with the warm palette of your living room. Find more colorful expressions in these collections:

      The Boutique collection focuses particularly on alternative metallic shades with monochromatic colors such as Slate, Palisade, Linen and Latte, in addition to options for mixing colors with color-blocking hues in complementary or analogous hues. 

      •  Begin in the Bedroom

        color drenching in green with hot metal finishes in the bedroom

        If there’s any place that’s best suited to the luxury and opulence of interior design metal finishes, it’s the bedroom. As you start to explore your options for metallic light fixtures, furniture, and other accents, make the bedroom your priority.

        We like to take a page out of the French notebook and look at Parisian chic aesthetics. Because French design styles tend to feature ornate furniture, they offer a classic way to weave the hot metal trend into your home. You’ll be able to call back to the gold and brass detailing of your furniture with metal chandeliers and bedside lamps.

        French styling also enables you to get a little more eclectic with your decor. Combine antique finishes with contemporary accessories to create something authentic, unique and personalized.

        • Expand to the Kitchen

          After the bedroom, the second easiest place to infuse with metallic home decor is your kitchen — a space practically tailor-made for metals due to all the hard surfaces and essential metal fixtures. Blend traditional and modern aesthetic choices in one space for a stunning transitional design that’s both functional and elegant!

          Consider simple, minimalist choices for the lines and shapes of your kitchen light fixtures and hardware combined with the warmth of traditional materials. Balance the cold sophistication of exposed bulbs on the ends of metallic light fixturesflush-mounted to the ceiling with the easy comfort of wood cabinets and granite countertops.

          Metallics Throughout the Home

          hot metal accents in a modern kitchen

          To keep ahead of the curve when it comes to home decor, we offer a massive collection of metallic light fixtures that you can customize to fit your home’s aesthetic. Approach the hot metal trend with a light fixture-forward method, and witness how easily everything else falls into place. 

          Now that you know a little bit more about using hot metals in home decor, you should feel more confident updating your home. Browse our collections now to find complete light fixtures to get creative and transform any space, as well as simple additions — like lamp shades and cages — for a quick, easy upgrade!

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