Work From Home (WFH) Lighting: Our Top Tips

Work From Home (WFH) Lighting: Our Top Tips

Lighting and Desk At Home

The Best Lighting for a Home Office

Your work from home office should be inviting, usable, budget-friendly, and ideally free of distractions — although we all know that last one is easier said than done! 

One key issue for most people who are transforming a room into a home office is lighting. While floor and table lamps are an easy solution, they often make a space feel cluttered and cramped — not inviting at all! Low lighting is also a concern, as it makes rooms feel duller, and more closed off. 

Quality lighting and contemporary fixtures can improve your work from home experience. If you’re on the hunt for the best lighting for a home office, Color Cord Company can help! With our lighting ideas for your home office, you’ll find yourself wanting to walk into this space every day, ready to take on any project. Explore our top tips today to discover countless transformative work from home lighting options.


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Keep it Off the Ground

In any space, flow is essential. Temporary home offices can start to become less productive when they feel cramped or stagnant. One work from home lighting idea to prevent you from feeling trapped is to opt for ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted fixtures. While a floor lamp can cast a good amount of light, it takes up valuable space that could be used for furniture or storage. Too many floor lamps or desk lamps can also add to the clutter of your home office.

The best lighting for a home office could be pendant lights or sconce lights from Color Cord Company that open up the room, allowing you to play around with various configurations for your desk, chairs, filing cabinets, and more. If you’re concerned about limited space even with pendant lights, you can swag the light over your desk, freeing up valuable desk space where lamps traditionally are placed.

If you simply must have a desk lamp for task lighting, consider exploring DIY designs that inspire and excite you. Skip the boring basics! The best lighting for your home office is something that’s unique to you, like an industrial cement lamp or a vintage salvage lamp.

Design Elements

Use it as a Style Element

Feeling like you have created a dedicated workspace impacts the way you conduct your workday. Home office spaces should feel like an extension of your work self. The best lighting for home offices involve making the space your own with design elements that work for you — like we mentioned above!

At Color Cord Company, you can tailor your lighting and customize color, type, and style easily. We build our pieces to order, which means you get to be the boss of your work from home lighting design. With custom plug-in pendants and sconces from us, you get a fixture that can have up to 30’ of color cord to make finding an open outlet a breeze. Match your color cord to the fixture finish, office decor, and your own personal aesthetic! We have hundreds of colors to choose from, including dual- and tri-tone combinations.

Some other lighting ideas for a home office that can help you personalize the space even more are the accessories! Try an upscale sconce lighting fixture or an artsy caged bulb design. These geometric styles are flexible and beautiful without blocking the light from diffusing into the space. You’ll also find a massive variety of lamp shades, including glass, metal, and natural fiber designs that can influence the energy in your space. From island vibes with natural shades to retro aesthetics with glass globes, we have it all!

We offer nearly endless styles so you can make any space your own with best lighting for home offices and vibrant colors that fit your needs. Just make sure to check whether your fixture is categorized as “shade-ready” and whether the shade opening fits with the bulb socket and cover.

Home Desks

Layer Your Lighting

The best lighting for home offices is multi-dimensional. With layered lighting ideas for your home office, you’ll have ambient, task, and accent fixtures that properly illuminate your workspace and help you smoothly transition from day to night (if you rely on natural lighting).

Your ambient light should be your brightest and most encompassing light — casting beams throughout the room. Chandeliers are a good choice here. Task lighting is all about addressing the specialized activities that you do in your office. Consider choosing a couple pendant lights or desk lamps for corners that need extra illumination. Accent fixtures are decor lights that highlight special features of your office, like wall art or accents. Plug in picture lights are the best lighting for a home office here.

Look Great on Video Conferences

In addition to productivity benefits, good lighting ideas for your home office make it better for conducting business. Many businesses have adopted a permanent remote or hybrid remote/in-office work schedule, and so lighting remains key in making sure you and your space look camera ready.

Tips for a Successful Zoom Video Conference:

  1. Lighting. The best lighting for home offices is natural light so make sure you’re facing a window that will shine on your face and illuminate you. If you don't have natural light, we have a variety of lighting solutions that will help you shine on camera, like indoor bulbs with warm temperatures that mimic the sun or bright candlelight at between 2200 Kelvin and 2700 Kelvin.
  2. Video Angle. Put your laptop on a stack of books or other objects to try to get your camera close to (or slightly above) eye level. This will help make sure your best features are on camera and avoid any double-chins. Be sure to create some space between you and the camera to avoid any video distortion.
  3. Background. Pay attention to what is behind you! Instead of showing your messy kitchen, why not show off the best lighting for home offices, like a chic custom pendant light or hand-made plug in sconce. You might also consider adding some wall art to your office to ensure a professional impression during video calls and so you have something pretty to glance at while you work.
Plug-in Light

WFH Inspiration

Your WFH office is your space, so make it feel like you! Use these work from home lighting ideas to help you make your home office into a space you are ready to work in each day. With innovative lighting techniques, high-quality fixtures, and the best lighting for a home office from Color Cord Company, transform any room into a unique, fun space that enhances your work day.

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