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Styling & Upgrading Your House Using Contemporary Home Lighting

High-End Home Lighting Ideas

Whether you want to snuggle up in your cozy reading nook with the warm glow of a pendant light radiating over the creamy pages of your latest novel or you’re hosting a lively party that requires illumination in every corner, the modern light fixtures you choose for your home have the power to transform the ambiance of any space.

If you’re looking to restyle your home with modern ideas, contemporary home lighting is the key that will result in refreshed decor and inspired design. Let us guide you to the perfect lighting for you with our recommendations to upgrade light fixtures for every space.

1. Kitchen Light Fixture Ideas

contemporary wood beam home lighting

When it comes to high-end home lighting for the kitchen, look for something highly functional as well as beautiful. While there are a lot of moving parts to consider, keep in mind these key considerations to ensure stunning contemporary home lighting.

Task Lighting for Clarity

If you’re a cooking connoisseur, you need to have task lighting over your sinks, stove, and countertops for easy chopping, scrubbing, and stirring. Pendant lights over the island and wall sconces in key areas can keep things bright.

Mood Lighting for Guests

Do you like close friends to gather around the countertop with a glass of wine in hand? Styling your kitchen with dimmable contemporary home lighting makes your space more versatile and welcoming for guests and family.

Layered Lighting for Balance

Layered lighting allows you to balance the lighting levels in this space to match your vision. You can create symmetry with multi-pendant lights for task lighting, as well as chandeliers to upgrade other light fixtures and add ambiance, drama, and design.

2. Bedroom Light Fixture Ideas

high-end home lighting bedside wall sconce

Your bedroom is your safe space, so upgrade your light fixtures here to create a design that provides relief from the stress, noise, and activity of everyday life.

Skip Overhead Lighting

Bright overhead lighting in the bedroom can create harsh shadows that are the opposite of relaxing. Instead, create a more soothing lighting design with indirect light along the walls. Designer wall sconce fixtures and custom bedside lamp kits can add a touch of color and personality to your space.

Eternal Golden Hour

Truly contemporary home lighting will help you replicate golden hour with light bulbs that mimic sunset tones and amber hues. Cool-tone lighting can interfere with your circadian rhythm and make falling asleep harder. Look for lighting that falls between 2700K and 3000K.

3. Living Room Light Fixture Ideas

modern living room design with pendant lighting

Living room lighting is the heart of your home — it’s where you hang out with your family, host events, and chat with each other for hours. You want to make this space as inviting as possible through contemporary home lighting.

Lead with Natural Light

If your living has large windows, you should definitely let natural light take the lead here. Embracing the sunshine ensures your living room feels airy and bright during the day. You can add some sheer curtains to diffuse the light for a softer glow if it ever gets too bright.

Mixed High-End Home Lighting

Whether your living room gets natural light or not, artificial lighting is still essential to achieve luxurious, contemporary home lighting. Modern design is all about mixing and matching light fixtures for a look that highlights your personality while layering the lighting for both depth and dimension.

Keep your fixtures simple, with subtle details like flexible hinge joints or designer glass globe shades, that upgrade your light fixtures without overwhelming the rest of the space.

Highlight Your Decor

Your living room is a space where you likely have a lot of decor and accessories, including wall art, vases, coffee table books, and plants. Let your wall-mounted fixtures and table lamps highlight these accents while doing double duty to warmly illuminate your space with unique color and energy.

4. Dining Room Light Fixture Ideas

contemporary home lighting for dining rooms

While the focus in the dining room is definitely the food, you’ll be hosting a lot of events here. From intimate date nights to children’s birthday parties, your dining room needs to be ready for every type of mood. Adding a statement fixture can help elevate your high-end home lighting and creates the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

Make the Dining Table Shine

Since the dining table often becomes the hub of any gathering, prioritize contemporary home lighting in this area. Choose an all-in-one chandelier as a focal point to deliver a crowning glory that pulls everything together. This is the place to put your most opulent, elegant fixture! 

Let Light Bulbs Set the Mood

We’ve mentioned light bulb temperature before, and it’s just as important in the dining room as it is anywhere else. Warm tones from your light bulbs help create an intimate, cozy feel while cool-toned bulbs deliver brighter, more energized ambiance.

Table Lamps for the Finishing Touches

With the chandelier and dining table as your focal points, you can finish off your contemporary home lighting design with a few elegant lamps in the corners of the room. Hand-pick table and floor lamps that meld seamlessly into the space while showing your personal aesthetic and sense of style.

Shopping High-End Fixtures at Color Cord Company

Sinking down into your sofa after a long day or swapping work stories in the kitchen with your closest friends is made all the better when the lighting is just right. At Color Cord, we love helping you discover contemporary home lighting that helps you create welcoming and comfortable spaces throughout your home. Reach out to our team today for guided shopping that will ensure upgraded light fixtures that speak to you.

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