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Planning Your Restaurant Lighting Redesign

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Lighting is one of the most important features of restaurant design. Light fixtures are part of your furnishings, but they also serve an essential function in illuminating your space while adding to your business’ personality and overall vibe.

At Color Cord Company, we have tons of restaurant lighting design ideas that can help you bring your restaurant to life! With plenty of ready-made fixtures to love, as well as custom options you can create, our tools allow you to add the perfect restaurant light fixtures for any theme or aesthetic.

Whether your restaurant is just starting to reopen indoor dining or you’re creating a new outdoor space, check out our top ideas for restaurant lighting plans here!




Tailored Ambiance with Custom Pieces

Nothing quite sells a restaurant like the promise of a memorable experience. It’s the reason why so many novelty restaurants continue to grow in popularity. In a way, every dining experience promises a unique flavor with the food, the style, or the location.  

Your lighting design doesn’t have to be a copy of something else. Rather than wait for the clients to come to you, let eye-catching statement fixtures do the talking for you. Restaurant lighting design is all about showing instead of telling. 

At Color Cord Company, we let you unlock your inner designer with our cutting-edge customizer tool. Build a stunning chandelier that matches your color palette or add wall sconces over each booth to create intimate lighting.

Customize the following restaurant light fixture aspects:

  • Cord length and color
  • Socket color and style
  • Cord grip style
  • Number of ports
  • Type of fixture

Restaurants with high ceilings love the pendant chandelier for its ability to add layering and sophistication to the open space. Choose a color scheme that fits the restaurant’s tone and get to work tailoring your restaurant lighting plans.

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Functional & Modern Fixtures

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In restaurant spaces, utility and function are important when it comes to restaurant lighting design. There are a few essential functions that lighting fulfills in a restaurant. These are:

  • Establishes tone
  • Light quality for ease of reading menus
  • Doesn’t take up floor space
  • Adds a design element with visual appeal

A good flush-mount wall sconce is the perfect choice for a chic restaurant light fixture, and these work indoors and out! These modern fixtures are versatile. They can be solo, duo, or even trio fixtures, or even come as subtle button lights or sophisticated widget and curved sconces.

Unlike a statement piece, sconces are meant to light much smaller areas. They don’t draw attention or become a focal point within the restaurant lighting design in the way a chandelier or multi-port pendant light might.

The most substantial benefit of flush-mount lighting is that it doesn’t encroach on the empty space in the room. You can separate tables out to maintain safe distances without having to consider moving table lamps or floor lamps.




Try Upcycling

Designing a restaurant lighting scheme often involves a pretty strict budget. This can mean making compromises with the restaurant lighting design that you don’t want to make. Upcycling can solve budgeting problems and allow your creativity to shine.

Creating a DIY fixture isn’t just about saving money. It’s about developing a cohesive theme with your lighting and furnishings overall. From mason jars to old planters, you can use nearly anything as a shade for unique light bulbs. Choose the perfect cord color and wire your restaurant light fixture on the spot!

Find the DIY and upcycling accessories you need in the Color Cord Company inventory of parts, including:

You can build your own fixture easily to save on electrician fees. Go for sophisticated or eclectic to truly tailor your restaurant lighting design to your theme.





Industrial Canopy Features for Glamorous Bar Lighting

Kesos Tacos, Kim Lewis Designs

Commercial bar lighting is all about ambiance. You can tell a story with your lighting fixtures and their placement, and make people feel immersed in the design of your bar. Try an industrial ceiling canopy in your restaurant lighting plan to give your bar some focused light.

These clean, polished fixtures feel grand and contemporary, and add gravitas and glamour to any commercial space. Make your guests feel like they have VIP status — even if they have to wear a mask.




Lighting with Color Cord Company

Restaurant lighting design should be a reflection of the unique experience of dining at your restaurant. Try some of these expert tips to up your lighting game and apply for our designer trade program to enjoy amazing deals on all our products.

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