Mix n' Match Guide for Creating Plug-in Lantern Lights

Mix n' Match Guide for Creating Plug-in Lantern Lights

drum string shade plug-in pendant light for the dining room

Unique Plug-In Pendant Lantern Lights

As an often overlooked method for updating any room, lighting is a simple way to completely transform your space and infuse it with personality. If you’ve come here because you’re ready to transition your light fixtures into something more contemporary and unique, Color Cord is happy to help with pendant lights on a cord that can add energy to any room!

In this blog, we’ll cover some methods for mixing and matching various light fixture elements to create fun plug-in lantern lights — no electrical expertise needed!

Shop Ready-Made Options

We make mixing and matching your plug-in hanging lights easy with designs straight from the experts! Whether you love a more retro lantern that features a glass shade or you’re looking for something industrial with metal styling, we have it all in one place. 

Our Curated Collections

If you want to create a more cohesive style throughout your home, we also have curated collections that allow you to blend several fixtures of the same design with different colors or finish options. You can explore the Boutique Lighting Collection to find artisan plug-in pendant lantern lights with a new twist on timeless colors, as well as the Mod Globe collection with pendant lights on a cord reminiscent of mid-century modern glass globe shades.

Complete Ready-Made Lighting Options

plug-in pendant with basket shade for the living room

We get it, customization is important to you, but you’re not sure you have the expertise to build a plug-in lantern light from the ground up. That’s OK! We also offer ready-made light fixtures where you customize different light bulb and shade options to complete the fixture of your choosing. Our shade-ready collection features customer favorites, including:

  • Porcelain Pendant Lights: Explore over 30 different cord colors that feature a porcelain socket for a touch of industrial appeal.

No matter which of these styles you choose, you can add your preferred light bulb and shade to complete the look. Make your mix-and-match style all about fabric shades for plug-in lantern lights with contemporary design aesthetics, or explore naked LED bulbs with visible filaments to highlight the vintage aesthetic. 

Once you have your selections, make sure you know how to put everything together with our simple wiring instructions. We wrote these for our Porcelain Socket Light Fixtures, but you can apply them to many of our other plug-in pendant lantern lights.

Create Your Own

guided customization with a plug-in pendant

If you want total control over your mix-and-match plug-in lantern lights, Color Cord Company can accommodate you, too! 

Guided Customization 

Your first option is guided building through our pendant light customizer. Here, you choose your base design, and we’ll take you through every step of creating your pendant lights on a cord. We start with the base to let you choose whether you prefer a hardwired or plug-in fixture before moving on to cord grips, socket covers, cord color, cord length, shades, bulbs, and so much more!

Modular Design

For even more power over your design, we provide access to every part and accessory of our plug-in lantern lights so you can do literally anything you want with the design.

  1. The first thing to do is grab a fixture! Explore our collection of plug-in options to customize the finish and cord color. If you plan on adding a shade, make sure you explore our shade-ready collection for the most compatibility with our other products. You’ll also want to note that any finish with “raw” in the name will age and oxidize naturally unless you paint and finish it at home.
  2. Next on the list is picking your shade. This is the part we like the most when designing our plug-in lantern lights! Here you can play with different materials, like metal or woven pendant lights in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might choose raffia and palm for coastal vibes or acrylic and metal for boho spaces.
  3. The final step is adding your personalized flair through light bulbs, swag hooks, or accessories you have at home. You can add tied rope to your plug-in lantern lights for that Coastal Grandma energy or play with wood and leather textures to create a Western Gothic interior.

Shop With Color Cord Company

No matter your customization style, Color Cord Company has the perfect way for you to shop for plug-in lantern lights! Let us help you through guided customization, or order your set in bulk when you choose one style and add them all to your cart.

We’re also here for you if you have any questions while you shop. Chat with us online, live on the page or reach out to us through our online form for more in-depth questions.

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