Masters of Concrete: Part I

Masters of Concrete: Part I


Large Concrete Shade


Color Cord Company recently partnered up with the wonderful people over at Buddy Rhodes to help one skilled concrete artisan win a contest to get a free all expenses paid ticket to their annual concrete meet up - Epic

The premise was simple, anybody who wanted to enter the contest received a standard cord set and one 10 pound bucket of Buddy Rhodes Artisan Concrete Mix. The rest was up to them. They could make anything the wanted. This post features some of the stunning pendant light submissions.

At first glance this stunning shade on the left does not seem like it could possibly be made of concrete. However when paired with some expert materials from Buddy Rhodes and a little bit of practice, you too could DIY a stunning shade like the one you see here.  

Textured Concrete Shade

This shade may be small and spectacular, but don't be fooled, it is most definitely made of concrete as indicated by its weight. The rich color seen in this shade comes from Buddy Rhodes' selection of color for concrete

Concrete Light Bulb Hanging

Some of the Epic contestants went for a "lighting inspired" approach. This thought provoking submission strayed away from the crowd who created functioning fixtures, and instead created something a little more sculptural. This concrete lightbulb not only looks great, but also fully screws in and out of the socket. 

3 Tier Shade Buddy Rhodes

 This little shade shows some serious talent in the concrete craft. Each tier of this pendant is only 3/8 of an inch thick. Concrete this thin is not possible with your local hardware store's concrete. The high quality of Buddy Rhodes' concrete and range of mix materials allows for precision work like this. 

DIY Buddy Rhodes

To learn more about Epic or how to DIY your own concrete creation, head on over to and explore the world of artisanal concrete.


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