Innovative Ideas for Lighting Your Home Office

Innovative Ideas for Lighting Your Home Office

Beau Wynja

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Your home office should be functional, uplifting, and free of distractions. It also needs to be a space you enjoy spending time in.

A cluttered office can quickly make it difficult to focus on work. Floor lamps and other forms of lighting can add to the clutter, making the entire space feel cramped. Low lighting makes rooms feel duller, and more closed off. Quality lighting and contemporary fixtures can add depth and open up a home office instantly.

Try some of these expert tips for improving small home office lighting in your home office. Color Cord Company has hundreds of options available to help you transform your space.


Plug-in wall sconces and pendant light fixture with shade

Keep it Off the Ground

In any office space, flow is essential. Even home offices can start to become less productive when they feel cramped or stagnant. One lighting idea for your home office is to opt for ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted fixtures. While a floor lamp can cast a good amount of light, it takes up valuable floor space. Too many floor lamps or desk lamps can add to the clutter of your home office.

Opting for one of our hanging pendant lights or sconce lights from Color Cord Company means opening up the room. You can move things around and keep more furniture and storage. Limited space, in general, can be remedied by swagging a pendant light over your desk, too, freeing up valuable desk space where desk lamps traditionally are placed.


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Use it as a Style Element

Feeling powerful, in control, and at peace can impact the way you conduct your workday. Home office spaces need to feel like an extension of your work self. Lighting ideas for home offices involve making the space your own with design elements that work for you.

At Color Cord Company, you can tailor your lighting and customize color, type, and style easily. Pieces are built to order, which means you get to be the boss of your small home office lighting design.

Try an upscale sconce lighting fixture or an artsy caged bulb design. There are endless style elements to play with. Your home office should be a space where you do work best. Make it your own with some bold lighting choices and vibrant colors that fit your needs.


Office lighting for the home

Play with Layers

Lighting can be transformative in terms of interior design. One great lighting idea for a home office is to utilize different types of lighting to achieve an overall effect. Play with a combination of:

  • Natural Light
  • Shaded lamps
  • Bare light

Different heights and angles can create an overall mood in the office while maintaining functionality. If you love bright open spaces, try a pendant light paired with small table lamps, while placing your desk near or next to a window for natural light.

Long hanging pendant lights make ceilings seem higher and rooms feel larger. When thinking of new ideas for your home office lighting, consider layering different looks and fixtures to make your office like a work of art.

Playing with angles can help set the mood without relying on low lighting that works against productivity. Angled lighting ideas for home offices allow you to cast brightness in contrast with shadows. This adds complexity to the layout of the room.



What Can Lighting Do For a Home Office?

Low small home office lighting can induce many health issues. This is why office buildings put such a focus on bright overhead lighting. When you are at home, though, you may be used to softer, lower lighting. This is fine in the bedroom, but in a home office it can lead to several health issues including:

  • Eye Strain
  • Eye Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of focus
  • Depression

Straining to read documents in a dimly lit room can over time leave you feeling exhausted. With proper lighting, you can radically increase productivity in your home office.

Consider the time of day you are most productive and let your home office lighting ideas revolve around optimizing your space for that period. For example, earlier in the day, you may want brighter lights if your apartment or house does not get much natural light. Remember, natural light is your ally and something to work with, but when natural light is limited, getting creative with light fixtures helps.


Pendant light

A Professional Workspace

In addition to health benefits, good lighting ideas for your home office make it better for conducting business. Maybe you have an important video call with associates. Perhaps you are having a meeting in person. Proper lighting in sophisticated fixtures makes all the difference in professionalism.

Your Workspace Oasis

Your office is your space. Use these lighting techniques to help you make your home office into a room you are proud to work in. With innovative lighting techniques and high-quality fixtures from Color Cord Company, a dreary home office can quickly transform into a fun, engaging, creative space to crush your career goals in.

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