How to Wire a Porcelain Light Fixture Socket

Porcelain light fixtures use a material that insulates electricity so that it can withstand high temperatures. They’re safe and easy to wire. View our tutorial below and learn everything you’ll need to get started on your DIY porcelain socket light fixture.

Parts of a Porcelain Socket

 Parts of a Porcelain Socket illustration Cap, Shell, Standard or Barrel Cord Grip 
 And Cloth Covered Electrical Wire

What You Need to Wire a Porcelain Light Fixture

Photo of someone displaying parts needed for porcelain socket light fixture

Before you get started, you’ll need these tools and supplies:

  • Porcelain Socket
  • Cord Grip
  • Pliers
  • Color Cord
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Electrical Tape

How to Wire a Porcelain Light Fixture in 4 Easy Steps

 how to wire a porcelain socket to set up the grip and socket cap
how to wire a porcelain socket sliding wire through cap

1.Set up the grip and socket cap: Place the clear cord grip onto the cord. Place the porcelain socket cap on next.

 how to wire porcelain socket bending wire with tools
 image of 3 different screws in porcelain socket
attaching wire to screws in porcelain socket for diy light fixture

2.Bend the wires into a hook using your pliers. The black wire goes to the gold screw, white wire to the silver screw, and the green wire to the green screw. Loosen up the screws a little. Place underneath the hook facing clockwise.

 attaching porcelain socket parts in how to wire a porcelain socket
 attaching and putting together the porcelain socket for a light fixture
tightening screws in a DIY custom porcelain socket light fixture’

3.Place your porcelain cap onto the socket you’ve just set up and tighten them down with your pliers. Place the two screws in the socket and tighten them down.

 color cord attaching to porcelain light socket
clamping cord and porcelain socket together
 image of final step of setting up porcelain socket for light fixture

4.Place your cord grip into the cap and tighten everything to secure it into the socket.

Remember, always consult an electrician before starting a project involving electricity. First, gather your supplies, watch our video, and contact us if you have any questions about how to get started or if you need help finding the best color cord, socket, or other light fixture parts. For more detailed instructions on this how-to, please see the instruction manual and full instructions below.

How to Wire Your Porcelain Light Fixture: Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Grab the cord grip and untwist the cap.
  2. You might need to place tape around the end of the cord, so the cord grip and cap can slide over the cord easily. Try spinning the cord grip into the cord if it gets stuck.
  3. Insert one end of the cloth covered wire into the top hole of the cord gripʼs cap and then the cord grip. The cord gripʼs threaded end should face the end of the cord once inserted.
  4. Measure 11/4 “ from the tip of the cloth covered wire, and wrap an inch of electric tape over the wire.
  5. Over the midsection of the tape, strip the PVC housing to expose the 3 conductor wires. We recommend using our Color Cord 3000 striping tool or a stripping tool of your choice.
  6. Make sure that there are no cuts on the conductor wires exposing the internal stranded copper wire.
  7. Strip one end of each wire to expose about 3/16” of stranded copper wire.
  8. Using your fingers, twist the stranded wires together.
  9. Flip the cap upside down & locate the screw of the ground terminal. Loosen the screw about 1/8.”
  10. Bend the exposed end of the ground (green) wire to a 90-degree angle.
  11. Insert the ground (green) wire through the top opening of the cap.
  12. Insert the exposed section of the green (ground) wire into the ground terminal opening under the screw.
  13. Make sure the exposed copper wire is completely inside the hole. Then secure the wire in place with the screw.
  14. Insert the black and white wire through the top opening of the cap and push the wire inside the cap.
  15. Flip the terminal upside-down & locate the positive & negative ports. The positive terminal will be the bent brass plate and the negative the open plate that reveals the silver piece underneath.
  16. Flip the terminal again and locate the corresponding positive and negative terminals, which will be directly above the + & - ports.
  17. Align the cap with the terminal, so the black wire is aligned with the positive terminal, and the white wire with the negative.
  18. Insert the black stranded copper wire into one of the two-round positive terminal holes, and the white stranded copper wire into one of the circular negative terminal holes.
  19. Make sure the stranded wires are all the way in, and that each wire is locked in place. If done correctly, you won't be able to pull the wire out of the terminal.
  20. Align the wings of the cap and side pockets of the terminal. Push them together until the socket locks.
  21. Take caution when sliding the cord grip down the cord towards the socket so as not to snag the cloth covered wiring.
  22. Twist the threaded cord grip into the socket, and then slide the cord gripʼs cap over it and twist it until it covers all the threads. The cord grip might be tight and will take some force to screw it into the threads. Don’t be discouraged!

Everything You Need to Wire a Porcelain Light Fixture

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