custom light fixtures in midcentury modern spaces

How to Include Custom Light Fixtures in Midcentury Modern Spaces

Beau Wynja

Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas

mid-century modern living room


Many designers believe that the mid-century aesthetic has been overdone, but at Color Cord Company, we love to break the rules: creativity has no limits! Although it might be true that the trend has run its course, simple, elegant home decor is still popular. The popularity of minimalist sophistication means many home decor specialists borrow from this long-lived style.

If you’re living in a mid-century modern space and you’re looking to update its look, Color Cord Company has some lighting ideas that can spruce up your home. Check out our mid-century modern lighting fixture suggestions without overwhelming your home or office.

1. Industrial Statement Pieces

modern five arm brass chandelier

A contemporary, minimalist chandelier with a rustic finish provides your space an industrial vibe, complementing mid-century modern styles. Explore one of our five-armed chandeliers with a raw brass finish that’s the perfect vehicle to blend your personality with the current style of your home. This mid-century modern lighting idea is a great choice as a statement piece in a mid-century modern dining room, entrance hall, or living room.

2. Tinted Globe Pendants

copper and glass globe pendant light

A tinted globe pendant from our new Mod series has a bit of mid-century modern blended with something a little more boho-chic. If you want a subtle addition to your space, a globe pendant could be the perfect choice. Consider choosing a milky or opaque glass globe shade instead of a completely transparent version to diffuse the aura of the lighting and create a more intimate space. We love these
mid-century modern light fixtures in your kitchen, hallways, and reading nooks.

You can find globe pendants in several sizes and finish options to fit any mid-century modern lighting idea. Browse 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch globe diameters, as well as finishes in brushed nickel, raw brass, and polished copper.

3. Modern Pieces

nickel finish five light chandelier

Chic and elegant, modern pieces are a great way to transition
mid-century modern light fixtures into something a little more forward-thinking. The shape of this type of chandelier draws the eye down to whatever it hangs over, helping create a focal point in any room. Place it in a mid-century modern dining room to develop a more contemporary aesthetic. 

If you don’t like five arms for this piece, you can change it any way you want through our customization tools.

4. Neckless Fixtures

neckless glass globe light shade

You might be
updating a smaller space that doesn’t have too much room for oversized mid-century modern light fixtures. Combine the neckless globe with other neckless hardware and fittings for a unique lighting solution.

Both the positioning of the fixture and its shape create a more modern, dynamic energy in your space. Globes were very popular in mid-century modern lighting, but using them flush against a wall or ceiling takes them to the next level. Browse our neckless fixtures in clear, matte white, and milk glass finishes.

5. Post-Modern Pieces

wave solo light fixture

The clash between post-modern pieces and
mid-century modern lighting fixtures can create really interesting, eye-catching spaces. Instead of traditional light bulbs, shades, and chandelier fixtures, consider something totally unique and out of the box. At Color Cord Company, we’ve had our fair share of collaborations with contemporary lighting artists. Consider a piece that’s the result of our collaboration with Luke Lamp Co.

You can see that this fixture is made up of a flexible tube of light that can be knotted and woven into any position to customize and personalize the look of the piece. Pair the tube with any type of mounts and lighting accessories to get in on this collaboration and create something that’s all yours.

6. Bursting Sconces

angular adjustable wall sconce

An adjustable wall-mounted fixture that seems as if it’s bursting forth from the drywall, our adjustable sconces are easily customizable. You don’t just need statement pieces to update your mid-century modern lighting fixtures! You should also be looking at accent and task lighting to ensure you have everything you need to illuminate your space. Once you’ve found the perfect places for your statement chandeliers, consider where you need a little extra light to see your cutting board, work at your desk, or read a book. An angular sconce can break up any retro curved shapes in your space.


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