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Hey DJ

Zach Ham

As of late, we have been finding lots of inspiration in obscure and bizarre holidays. Somebody has to celebrate them after all. While checking our calendar for August, we noticed that the 12th was Vinyl Record Day. In preparation for such day we went to a local record store and pawed through the $1 record bin and came back to Color Cord HQ with a handful of records. Much to our delight the 45 records fit perfectly with our standard 2-prong cord sets.


45 rpm vinyl record lamp
vintage vinyl album art diy lighting


drill with 1 5/8 hole saw for diy light Next came the task of figuring out how to make a standard record compatible with our standard grounded cord sets.
It turns out its not that difficult of a task as long as you have a drill and a 1 5/8 hole saw. Once you have procured your hole-saw and record, all you have to do is drill in to a secured down record. We recommend placing a layer of masking tape over the record label in order to keep it intact after drilling.




Barbara Streisand and Rod Stuart LampsWe here at Color Cord enjoy the contemporary clean lines a flat record shade makes, however we experimented with sculpting the record in order to make a more “traditional” shade. This just required a simple Internet search on the proper procedures of melting and shaping vinyl records. Simply heat your oven to 200°F and place a single record over an oven safe bowl on a cookie sheet. After about 5-7 minutes in the oven the record will become malleable and you can safely shape it to your desired shape around the bowl. Since you are using an oven and are not the human torch, be sure to use an oven mitt or safety gloves when sculpting the record. melted vinyl record lamp shadesThe hardest thing after all of these steps is to figure out where to hang your cool new pendant! Maybe you have a record collection in need of some light, or a retro dining table in need of some flare. As always share with us what you create, we love to see what our customers come up with. 


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