Getting Knotty

Getting Knotty

Zach Ham
Hot Pink Light Cord Kit with Industrial Bulb Cage


We here at Color Cord Company have been getting a little bit knotty as of late and loving it! Why hide your excess length of cord when you can turn it in to a beautiful part of your lighting? We have been adding some knot details to our pendant cord sets, and our DIY pendant cord and it looks great!

DIY cloth covered light cords, grey, silver, neon yellow

Knot options for your pendant cords are limitless, a good source for inspiration are boating and climbing knots.  To the left, we used simple overhand loops to interconnect silver, grey and neon yellow DIY light cords with basic black sockets and barrel cord grips.  This created a funky casual chandelier. 

Below are a few more we came up with at our studio.  The amazing reclaimed boat teak console (above), reclaimed teak chair and vintage Rajasthani striped rug (below), compliments from World Effect.   Each knot is pictured below, left to right.

The Coil Knot -

This is such a simple way to add a dramatic look to your Color Cord pendants. We took our brass cord set in red and coiled up the extra length, securing the coil with a simple overhand knot at the top and bottom, resulting in a simple and chic pendant for any space.

Double Infinity Knot -

This knot has the ability to add an infinite amount of style to any space. This knot was made out of a single red and white multi standard grounded cord set and our interpretation of a butterfly coil. Simply create four loops in your sizes of choice top and bottom, wrap and knot some cord around the middle and voilà!

Figure 8 Knot -

Probably the simplest way to add some excitement to any pendant is a figure 8 knot. This pendant is the best of all things DIY. We used our black & white zig-zag DIY pendant cord, paired with our new metal socket cover in chartreuse yellow and a turquoise industrial light cage to create this totally rad pendant. Side note: It takes a little bit of muscle to get the industrial light cage over the metal socket cover, but the result is totally worth the effort.

The Daisy Chain -

No need to run out and gather live vegetation for this look, all that it took was a turquoise metal covered pendant cord set and 45 seconds of getting knotty. To create this look start at the socket end of your cord set and create a loop, pull another loop through and repeat. This circular knot technique comes to life paired with a large silver mirrored globe bulb.

The Mountain Climber –

Here in Colorado, we have this affinity towards all things mountainous, so why should pendant lighting be anything different? This look used our magenta & orange DIY pendant cord paired with our silicone socket cover in purple and two simple overhand loop knots connected with a carabiner. This simple DIY project resulted in a fun and fresh pendant that anyone can recreate. (Mountain climbing skill not necessary)

Cloth Covered Pendant Cord Set Red with Brass SocketFabric Covered Cord Set Red & WhiteVintage Black & White Stripe, metal socket cover & turquoise industrial bulb cageTurquoise fabric covered pendant set with metal socket coverDIY Pendant cord, silicone socket cover

Who says knots are always a bad thing? We happen to think they look pretty good. Let us know what you think!  As always, we love to see what our amazing and creative customers come up with, please email us your photos, or post them on our Color Cord Company Facebook page

Brass Cord Set in Red with Coil Knot


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