Creating a Wire Natural-Shade Basket Light Fixture

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Seagrass-Inspired Light Fixtures

If you’re looking to upgrade a naked bulb in your home or build a DIY fixture from the ground up, Color Cord Company can help you create stunning light fixtures with natural shades, like a seagrass-inspired lamp shade, that make for a gorgeous statement piece.

Whether you just need to swap out the shade or completely rewire the entire fixture, we’re here to help with all the essential tools and accessories. Check out our seagrass light fixture options and learn more about our wire basket light shades.

    1. Where to Start

      If you’ve already got your light fixtures wired and you just need to swap out the shade, that’s the easiest thing to do. Simply turn off your lights and breaker (just to be totally safe). Unscrew the light bulb and socket cover, install the natural shade, and re-screw everything back together.

      Things with our seagrass-inspired light fixture get a little more complicated when you’re working with pre-wired pendant lights or AiO plug-in fixtures.

    2. Wiring Materials

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      We’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need for your wire basket light shade. Gather your tools from the materials below before watching our video tutorials to learn how to install our lighting products. 

      DIY Fabric Wire by the Foot

      $1.50 per foot

      Our Cloth Covered Electrical Wire is available in over 100 colors and patterns! Browse our selection and choose depending on your existing home decor and which style of seagrass light fixture you prefer, Don't be afraid to get something colorful!

      Socket and Cord Grip

      $3.00 + $1.60

      This simple socket features a smooth surface and is our preferred socket to pair with our socket covers. This metal Cord Grip is also available in several finishes, including black, white, and clear to ensure your seagrass shade stands out.

      Multi-Port Ceiling Canopy


      We offer several ceiling canopy options, including one, two, and three port configurations. With high quality paint finish and classic colors, we make it easy to choose colors that can complement or contrast your seagrass light fixture.

      Socket Cover


      Our Flat Top Metal Socket Cover is available in a beautiful array of colors, including white, black, and metal finishes. The cover fits over our compatible sockets for assembling a DIY light.

      Female & Male Cord Grips


      You must have both male and female metal cord grips to ensure your shade is completely secure. Don’t forget to shop both grips in matching colors for cohesive sockets and covers. 

      Light Bulb


      Pick any style from our huge assortment of LED bulbs! Get that vintage look with our Edison-inspired bulbs with an amber finish. Or opt for a modern vibe with a clear or milk finish.

      Round Swag Hook


      Save yourself the hassle of going to the hardware store and add these round swag hooks to your shopping cart – just in case. These ceiling hooks can be mounted directly on wood or to a ceiling-joist for your convenience.

      Color Cord 3000


      Whether you're a newbie or a veteran with DIY wiring projects, this handy tool will make your seagrass light fixture installation easier and faster. While you can use a blade to strip your wire, the Color Cord 3000 just makes everything so much easier!

      Wire Basket

      $19.99- $50.00

      We have tons of wire basket light shade styles to choose from with materials that range between rattan, string, and palm to create unique shapes, including drums, tear drops, saucers, domes, hives, and many more. Choose your favorite now!

  1. Getting the Job Done

    With all these tools at hand, it’s time to find the right tutorial to help you complete your installation of a new seagrass light fixture. Here are the videos and instruction guides we recommend you peruse to bring your projects together:

    Each of these guides addresses a different part of the installation process with comprehensive instructions, including written instructions, images, and video examples.

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You’ve chosen the perfect natural shade, completed the installation, and reveled in your handyperson skills. Now it’s time to share your creation with the world! Show us what you did with your wire basket light shade and inspire others to go the DIY route with their own lighting design. Share your seagrass light fixture with our followers when you use #colorcord and #colorcordathome. You can also email us photos of your completed project at

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