Blue printed antique-style couch next to a side table with book and orange pouf flowers in a vase

Designing Lighting & Interiors with Coastal Grandma Trends

Beau Wynja

Blue printed antique-style couch next to a side table with book and orange pouf flowers in a vase

Coastal Grandma Interior Design

If you were ever obsessed with cottage core but always craved a bit more of that beachy vibe, then the coastal grandma trend is for you! A style that comes straight from Nancy Meyer films, the coastal grandma interior design aesthetic is all about cozy interiors, seascapes, and everything Ina Garten.

At Color Cord Company, we know that anyone into the coastal grandma trend is looking for ideas that are easy to implement and will completely transform your vibes. So check out our overview of the coastal cottage core style and a few recommendations of our favorite for your home!

What Is Coastal Grandmother Style?

A couple of the terms you might associate with this style include laid-back, ocean-side minimalism meets fresh-from-the-garden style with a touch of maximalism. It’s refreshing and bright but still cozy without overstepping into sterility or overwrought. You can basically take your cottage core elements and transform them with the addition of some island breeze and a little more wicker. You want to create a homey space that feels like it was decorated by your grandma from Maine.

As you explore the coastal grandma trend, look for nautical elements, vintage finds, bright blues and whites, and plenty of cozy blankets and throw pillows. You want your guests to feel like they’re walking into a seaside home that has been thoughtfully decorated with eclectic finds over time. Your coastal grandma house showcases the culmination of decades of good taste at a lake house or beachside home.

Our Favorite Coastal Grandma Trends

We know you want to dive right into coastal grandma interior design, so we’re here with some recommendations to speed up your transition into this type of space. Whether you’re on a budget or not, we suggest exploring flea markets and thrift stores for well-loved hidden gems to use as your focal points before moving on to lighting and furniture.

1. Floral Prints for All!

One of the most common elements of coastal grandma trend decor is a floral print on a white or pale background. Blue florals on a white background are the ideal choice because they bring to mind that nautical theme, but yellows and pinks on pale green or dark green on grey work too. You can use it on your wallpaper or find accent pieces that showcase this design, like vases and pillows. If you want to get really creative, you can recreate this type of print on lampshades by painting over metal finishes.

2. Natural Shades for Lighting

coastal grandma trend hallway decor

Another common theme in the coastal grandma trend is natural decor, especially for shades and lighting. Whether it’s rattan, straw, or palm, natural shades evoke soothing island breezes that are right on brand for coastal grandma interior design. 

While these shades look amazing as accent pieces on bedside lamps, they also look great as the statement piece in a dining room or living room. Consider a massive basket shade hanging above your couches or a stunning chandelier with a string shade over the dining room table!

Rope & Knots

As a complement to your natural shades, knotted cords could be the key to elevating your decor. Hang pendant lights with linen or cotton-blend cord and knot them to add stylistic accents that ensure your light is hanging at the perfect height.

3. Paint It White!

A huge part of what coastal grandmother style is includes bright, light elements in every aspect of your space. From painted furniture to all-white walls, the white balances the patterned floral and textured nautical elements. If all your furniture and accents have printed designs, you’ll want your light fixtures and wallpaper to offer a neutral backdrop. The same is true in reverse! Do you want your wallpaper to feature a floral print and your accent decor to explore bright blue patterns? Make the design work by giving your eyes a break from patterns with a subtle beige couch and white tables.

In case you didn’t know, all of our light fixtures are available with a white finish, and we have some chic glass globes in frosted white and simple paper shades in ivory. Both glass and paper shades offer those vintage vibes that will ensure your decor doesn’t stray away from the coastal grandma trend and toward mid-century minimalism.

4. Vintage-Style Rugs

vintage style decor rug in ivory with black faded linear designs

While you might have been focused on lighting and furniture, it won’t do to neglect the floors when creating a home focused on coastal grandma trends. Shopping for vintage rugs provides the perfect opportunity to explore flea markets and garage sales for authentic pieces that will add a ton of character to your home.

When you’re shopping for rugs, stay in line with the rest of this style when you opt for pale colors and blue accents. Stay away from plain rugs — instead, choose beige, blue, grey, and white styles with stripes, floral designs, and even Mid-East aesthetics (just don’t go for the bold burgundy and gold designs).

5. Wicker Everything!

The final coastal grandma trend we’d like to talk about is wicker. While we mentioned natural materials for your shades, you can transfer the look to furniture too. From accent chairs and dining sets to outdoor furniture, make wicker a centerpiece of your design. You’ll find that wicker is available in natural wood hues to match your light shades, as well as painted white to match your other furniture. Whichever style works best for the rest of the decor in your space will enhance the coastal theme with nautical vibes reminiscent of driftwood along sandy beaches.

Find More Inspo

We hope this overview of the coastal grandma trend has inspired you to explore and experiment with new home decor. Whether you browse our store to help you swap out your lighting or peruse our blog for fun DIY solutions, we’re always here to help with all your decor changes! Keep exploring today.

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