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Customizing Your New Home’s Bathroom Lighting

Beau Wynja


Changing Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom lighting is a key element of any home design. Many times, bathrooms are not illuminated by natural lighting as they have no windows or very small windows. With no natural light, you must carefully consider custom bathroom lighting to ensure all your needs are met. Whether you’re changing the bathroom lighting fixtures in your current bathroom or you’re designing a new bathroom from the ground up, explore this blog from Color Cord Company to learn more about bathroom lighting essentials.


1. Shadow Free Vanity

The vanity is the first place you should consider changing the bathroom lighting fixtures. Most people don’t think about it, but there is so much you do in front of this single space. Your lighting here needs to be good enough to apply makeup, shave, style your hair, and complete general grooming tasks without a problem.

Many people rely on the overhead lighting for vanity tasks, but what they don’t realize is that this angle can shadow your face, making your daily hygiene or beauty routines a little more challenging. Consider complementing recessed lighting by adding sconces or pendant lighting, around eye level. This way, no part of your face will be in shadow.


2. Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is a crucial part of your bathroom lighting design, and there are easy ways to customize it to make it unique to your style. If you’re considering changing this bathroom lighting fixture, make sure that it’s placed in the ceiling via a flush mount or a multi-port chandelier. No matter how many different overhead lighting bulbs you have, all of them should be on a separate circuit than the accent and task lighting in your space, so that you can turn on just what you need to conserve energy. Consult with an electrician for safely assessing your lighting circuitry options.


3. Dimmable Mood Lighting

Sometimes, you want to take a relaxing bath without all the bright lights on. Making your overhead lighting dimmable is the perfect solution. You can adjust the lights through a broad range of brightnesses to ensure you’re creating the perfect ambience. Don’t like dimmers? Consider putting wall sconces just around your tub area on a separate circuit, so that you can have bright lights available whenever you want them as well as softer lighting when you feel you need to relax.

You can add a dimmer without completely changing your bathroom lighting fixtures by replacing the switch.


4. Unique Fixtures

Some people have a vision for their bathroom which includes unique and unusual custom bathroom lighting fixtures. Personalized fixtures can really transform a space and make it your own. Make sure you know exactly how you want to utilize every fixture you choose for your bathroom to guarantee comfortable, useful lighting.


5. Types of Bulbs

There are many different types of light bulbs that can completely change the feel of a space. Lumens, watts, kelvins, and color temperature are all basic bulb details you must consider depending on the tasks you’re hoping to accomplish. The textures, materials, and colors in your bathroom will also affect how your lighting looks, so choosing the right light bulb can be a lot more complex than you think. Instead of realizing you don’t like the bulbs you chose and changing your bathroom lighting fixtures after the fact, do your research to find the appropriate bulbs for your needs.

Vanity Lighting

Your vanity lighting should be as bright as possible to guarantee that you can always see what you’re doing. We recommend using white LED lights with about 450 lumens per bulb. LED lights are bright, last longer, and don’t emit heat like many halogen bulbs.

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is also a critical element of your bathroom, so these lights need to be pretty bright too. Aim for about 1500 lumens, so that you have a huge range without changing your bathroom lighting fixtures when you install them with dimmers.

Accent/Mood Lighting

Customize your bathroom lighting with softer, yellow bulbs that will help you relax. Spas, restaurants, and libraries use bulbs that range between 1500 and 3000 kelvins to ensure people can get comfortable in their spaces.

Final Notes

Please note that Color Cord Company products are not damp-rated. Use these for dry locations only. If you have any questions about changing your bathroom lighting fixtures or installing any of our products, explore our tutorials or contact us through the online chat.

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