A book with a pair of glasses, journal, coffee, and notepad around it in a cozy space

Cozy Lighting Ideas for Reading Nooks

A book with a pair of glasses, journal, coffee, and notepad around it in a cozy space

Reading Nook Lighting

If you’re book obsessed, a reading nook has probably always been on your must-have list — along with a giant library with a sliding ladder. While the library from Beauty and the Beast may be out of reach, a comfortable reading nook to indulge in your hobby isn’t! So whether you’re still picking the right spot in your home or you’re just missing the last few pieces to get your nook just right, our team has found the latest and greatest ways to develop the perfect lighting for your reading space.

Check out some of our cozy lighting recommendations to get inspired!

1. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights for reading nooks are among the best options for you! They’re versatile, they save space, and you can even explore dimmable options to create cozy lighting that varies based on your needs. If your reading nook has a plug nearby, you might opt for plug-in pendant lighting to make installation and setup even more effortless. With one of our plug-in kits and a few accessories, your nook lighting will be ready to go in no time!

Choose the perfect cord color and hardware finish to match your aesthetic before moving on to the right light bulb style for your nook. Then, style your cord with some swag hooks to give it functional and stylish flair out of your way, and plug everything in for some chic illumination.

2. Light With Shades

Reading Nook with a Sofa and a Color Cord Pendant Light and Wall Sconce

Whether you choose a plug-in or a hardwire pendant light for your reading nook, you can do more than just decorate your reading space with an exposed bulb. Part of what makes cozy lighting is the way it’s dispersed through a shade or cage. If you want soft lighting that’s diffused gently through your entire space, we recommend exploring semi-translucent fabric, natural, and paper shades. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more directional, we suggest glass or metal shades that create a tighter beam of light over your head.

Each of our shade styles also conveys a very distinctive aesthetic, like the way natural rattan woven shades evoke an island vibe or how geometric metal shades create an industrial look. So develop your own style of cozy lighting when you browse our entire collection of boho, minimalist, industrial, and retro-inspired shades!

3. Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are a really good choice for reading nooks, as they allow more focused and directed lighting to fall exactly where you need it. These compact light fixtures offer cozy lighting options in so many different styles and price points that you know there will be something out there to fit your design and budget.

While you can go out and buy just any desk lamp, creating your own allows you more control over the look and feel of your space. It also ensures your reading nook lighting is completely unlike anybody else’s — totally original and unique. At Color Cord Company, we can help supply the parts and accessories you need to create a desk lamp, as well as instructions for wiring a piece from scratch! Here are a few of our favorite desk lamp designs to help you find your inspo:

What’s your favorite?

4. Wall Sconces

reading nook with wall sconce lighting

Typically, reading nooks fit into tight areas that need to use their space efficiently. One of the best ways to maximize your space is by taking fixtures off the ground or away from desks, like with the pendant lights for reading nooks we discussed above. Another option for cozy lighting that’s right above your head is a wall sconce. This is one of our favorite lighting options because wall sconces are within reach and often adjustable, so you can redirect lighting exactly where you need it.

Create your perfect nook lighting with versatile wall sconces. Find plug-in or hardwired options, customize them with a variety of shades, and choose from various bulbs that deliver bright, subtle, or dimmable lighting.

5. Fairy Lights

Our final cozy lighting idea for your reading nook is fairy lights. While not offered in our store, adding these little gems can elevate the comfort and magic of a reading nook, and complement the ambience created by your other light fixtures. Depending on how and where you string your lights, you can create an entire space for your literary adventures with custom light fixtures accented by fairy lights along your walls for a magical vibe.

If you do get fairy lights, keep in mind that most of these are plug-in string lights and will need cord management to ensure they hang just right. Design and curate your lighting layout with the help of swag hooks to ensure stable, reliable string light installation.

Layering Your Lights

Layering Color Cord Company’s woven basket shade ceiling pendant with wall sconce in a reading nook featuring orange sofa, throw pillows, and plant

Even though your reading nook lighting is likely only illuminating a small space, it’s still a good idea to have layered fixtures that ensure the right ambiance and deliver ideal functionality. There’s no point in having beautiful cozy lighting if it’s not enough to read by! We recommend choosing at least two of our ideas for your space to find the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Use one of your lights for ambiance, like a ceiling mount, fairy lights, or pendant light for a reading nook, and choose another for task lighting, like an angled wall sconce or desk lamp that shines right on your book. With these two layers, we guarantee your reading nook will look beautiful and gently illuminate the pages of all your favorite novels.

Have questions? Reach out to our team today for more personalized guidance!

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