Cool Colors

Cool Colors

Beau Wynja
DIY Lighting Supply - sample colors

We here at Color Cord Company HQ have been in the midst of a cold snap. The sub-zero temperatures have not only forced us inside, but have also inspired us. We found all sorts of color combinations that reflect the beautiful winter surrounding us.

The cold weather gives us plenty of time to do what we love most, DIY. When you can’t go and play outside, why not play inside with Color Cord Company, and create your own lighting masterpiece.

We snapped a couple of pics of what we have been up to, but as always would love to see what you make! Like us and post your project on our Facebook page at  (Above) Color Cord Company samples come to life in this snowflake inspired gif!  Check out our color samples to find your favorite cool color for just $1 per sample.

DIY rayon fabric covered electrical cord - sky blue, cobalt blue, gray, silver





This is our DIY cloth covered pendant cord in Electric Blue, Cobalt Blue, Grey and Silver. We love this cool color story here, and we think the black porcelain sockets and frosted barrel cord grips only make this DIY project cooler.



Blue silicone covered covered pendant set for sale




We think our blue silicone covered pendant set is icy cool, be careful not to slip on it.



Standard Grounded Pendant Light Cord Set


Here we took our Standard Grounded Pendant Light Cord Set in Sky Blue and White, and created our very own twisted pair; a simple and easy way to incorporate two color cords in one space.






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