Color Cords Guide to Updating Old Ceiling Light Fixtures

Color Cords Guide to Updating Old Ceiling Light Fixtures

How to Update Light Fixtures

Whether you’re a realtor staging a home, a restaurant owner who wants to update their decor, or a homeowner who’s ready to do some DIY upgrades, updating your old light fixtures is a great place to start. Updating your chandeliers and wall sconces can be easier than you think and has a huge effect on the ambience of your place. Even changing just your light bulbs can create a whole new atmosphere!

If you’re looking for some great ideas on updating your light fixtures from old and drab to new and fabulous, Color Cord Company is here to help! Check out our top ideas for revamping old light fixtures today!

1. New Paint

One of the things that could be making your space look outdated is chipped, peeling paint on your old ceiling light fixtures. Repainting the finish on any type of fixture is a quick and easy fix that also allows you to update any colors you might hate. With new light fixture colors and finishes, this also gives you the fun opportunity to change the theme or color palette of the rest of your room with decorative accents or textiles in complementary colors. 

How to Update Light Fixtures with Paint

With this basic guide, you can get new life out of old light fixtures right away! Follow along here:

  1. Turn off the fixture’s power source before beginning any DIY lighting project.
  2. Prep your floor for work with plastic sheeting.
  3. Wipe down dust and residue from the old ceiling light fixture with a damp cloth.
  4. Use painter’s tape to cover the part of your fixture where the bulbs screw in, as this will help ensure you don’t get paint along the internal threads. 
  5. Coat the fixture with primer and let it dry for at least one hour.
  6. Choose your new finish color and spray the fixture.
  7. Let it dry for at least an hour, and then apply another coat of color.
  8. Remove the painter’s tape and reinstall the light bulbs.

If your old light fixture has visible cords, you can also opt to update the cord color to match or contrast the new finish. Browse our collection to discover 100+ cord colors for every aesthetic!

2. Get a Shade

modern dining room and light fixture

Whether you’re trying to update a pendant light or an old flush-mounted ceiling light fixture, shades are the best way to completely change the look and feel of any piece. Shades can imbue an old light fixture with a vintage aesthetic, make them look modern, and even transport you to a different place! With a tapered pastel metal shade, you’re suddenly in a 50s diner! A glass globe shade with a gold accent, and you’re in a mod 60s bar. A natural woven shade, and suddenly you’re on an island in the Bahamas!

Installing a Shade

There are a few simple steps you should take when installing or replacing a shade to ensure it looks just right.

  1. Measure the fitter size to order the correct shade.
  2. Depending on the shade, you may have to remove the light bulb.
  3. Unscrew the thumb screws that hold the original shade in place.
  4. Switch your shades.
  5. Replace the screws.

3. Cage it Up

Many people prefer an industrial look when updating old light fixtures. If that’s what you love, then a shade may not be the right upgrade for you! Instead, consider a bulb cage that can transform your entire space. You’ll find that Color Cord Company cages come in many different colors and designs, so you can match all the existing decor and complement any visible cord colors. Browse industrial cages, flex cages, and geometric cages to bring your vision to life today!

4. Conversion Kits to the Rescue!

modern light fixtures in a commercial space

While changing finish colors, adding cages, and swapping out shades can do a lot to update old light fixtures, if you want to do a little bit more, you may need a conversion kit to make it happen. Recessed lighting is a very mid-century modern fixture choice that many people now hate! They feel it has no character or personalization. We get it, and we have a solution! With a conversion kit, you can transform any recessed light or track lighting into a completely different fixture. Swap out those areas for pendants, chandeliers, flush-mounted lighting, and more!

We Have Answers for Your Lighting Questions

At Color Cord Company, our goal is to make your lighting revamp as easy and accessible as possible! Shop our collection to find accessories to transform your space, and reach out to our experts with any questions about measurements, installation, and inspiration!

As always, we recommend having an electrician for any major alterations to ensure you’re following all the correct safety guidelines.

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