Industrial Light Bulb Cage with Light Bulb

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If you have an industrial workspace in desperate need of a bright and modern desk lamp, there is a solution out there. Simply take our porcelain cord set paired with our industrial light bulb cage and screw in your favorite light bulb. This task lamp is ideal for a minimalist workspace and will create a warm glow perfect for high productivity. Don’t study this lamp too hard it really is that easy.

task light

Nobody wants to have a nightstand that has over half of its real estate occupied by a big old lamp. To combat this problem have taken our porcelain pendant light set and industrial light bulb cage paired together and hung on the wall to free up some space on our nightstand. This bedside sconce will work in every type of space possible. If you are in a tight college dorm room lacking in adequate lighting, use a temporary wall hook to hang your sconce. This solution is perfect for those who have the luxury of sleeping in the top bunk but still want to read in bed. For those who have a more industrial space, take ¾’ steel or copper pipe to create your own custom hook for your beside sconce.

bedside sconce


The most basic and traditional use of our cord sets, the swag light. Use one or several hooks in the ceiling to create your swag. We love to take our cord set and industrial light bulb cage and use it as a reading light. Vintage lights, we are told, make the stories you are reading more interesting. And those café tables you never sit at need a porcelain cord set and bulb cage too. No longer will you have to sit in the dark across from your partner unable to see the expression on his face.  

swag light

These are just one of many applications for our porcelain cord sets and bulb cages. Share with us how you use the pair, for your chance to receive a special prize from your friends here at Color Cord Company.

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