Changing Apartment Light Fixtures: What to Know

Changing Apartment Light Fixtures: What to Know

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Apartment styling is an art and one thing that we at Color Cord Company love to geek out about. The largest and most obvious challenge is that you don’t own the property! You can’t choose to remodel your space as you would in a property you own, leading to compromise after compromise in terms of personal style.

Renting an apartment can make you feel locked into the style choices in place. From flooring to storage space, stylistic elements are often at the mercy of the landlord. There is hope, though!

Changing light fixtures in your apartment is simple and affordable. Unlike features like flooring or paint, you can alter apartment light fixtures in an hour to two. As long as you return the original fixtures before moving out, you can’t be penalized for this design change (but be sure to double-check the fine print in your lease).

Creative light fixtures are the key to creating your dream apartment. All apartment renters should know this easy design hack that could make you love your place even more.


Apartment Light Fixtures

Uninspiring to a Work of Art: Elevate with Easy Upgrades

While small in size, lighting has the power to radically change the mood of any space. Changing light fixtures is a way to make your home feel more unique and inviting. In an apartment, lighting is often sparse, and fixtures are basic. With the addition of a high-end sconce fixture, the room feels instantly more vibrant.

Especially in apartments, where space may be limited, new lighting is a great design choice. Furniture ends up making the room feel closed off and cramped. Decorations can add to the clutter. Lighting adds style and sophistication to the room and opens it up. Wall and ceiling mounts don’t even take up any floor space. New fixtures can freshen up the room.


Bedroom Side Table Light

Choose Your Model for Easy Installation

Changing light fixtures in an apartment can vary in difficulty, and before starting any new lighting design project, consider getting some professional help if you’ve never done this before. At Color Cord Company, we offer versatility in mounts and installation types. This way, you can go with professional installation or try it yourself.

We believe that everyone deserves a space that feels like home. And just like in a house someone might own, you can add some personality to your apartment with our collection of flush mounts, wall sconces, plug-in fixtures, and pendant lights.


Flush Mount Light Fixtures

Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are ideal for low ceilings and cramped apartment rooms. They hug the ceiling or wall in a way that doesn’t encroach on the open space in a room. Changing light fixtures in apartment ceilings can cast a wider reach than wall mounts. The benefit of flush mounts is that they don’t dangle or drape. This means they do their job and add to the overall mood without taking up valuable space.

Chic and simplistic button lights are great for mounting bedside. They introduce a pop of color while remaining subtle and muted for a calm room. For a more vibrant choice, opt for duo or trio flush mounts. If you frequently host, these eye-catching fixtures open up and brighten the apartment’s living room and dining area.

Changing light fixtures in your apartment to high-end flush mounts can make you more apt to host company. Friends will love your stunning and bright new space, and you’ll love showing it off.


Plug-in Sconces

Plug-In Wall Sconces for Easy Customized Apartment Light Fixtures

Installing a sconce in place of current lighting is simple with Color Cord Company’s easy plug-in wall sconces.

The only step between you and a high-end wall mount sconce is getting the mount attached to the wall. Drill, nail, screw, or command-strip it into place. After this, all that’s left is adding the bulb and plugging it in. You don’t need any hard wiring or electricians, all you need is a standard electrical outlet.

Sconces are non-intrusive. They brighten the room without taking up floor space. A sconce can point upward, downward, or straight out. Double and triple sconces from our versatile online store can cast double the brightness.

Bend sconces, bend pair sconces, and widget sconces are all ideal for apartment spaces. They are a welcome alternative to floor lamps. You don’t need an expensive electrician to install your lighting. With Color Cord Company, all you need is an outlet and a little inspiration.


Dining Table Pendant Chandelier


Changing light fixtures in apartment ceilings can make the room feel more spacious. This is especially true with sleek and refined pendant lights. There are tons of benefits of pendant lights in apartment spaces ranging from aesthetics to functionality. They offer elegance without infringing on valuable space in the room.

Color Cord Company’s easy plug-in pendant lights mean that you can have sophisticated overhead lighting without having to hire an electrician to install a whole new light socket. These pendant lights plug into normal electrical outlets. That way, all you have to do is plug it in and hang it up! It’s as simple as that!

While you’re hanging your new easy plug-in pendant light, consider threading it through a sturdy, stylish swag hook.

We love pendant lighting as an opportunity to play with color. There are dozens of color combinations to choose from on our one or two-tone pendants. If your ceilings are already tall, opt for a trio or widget pendant. These are contemporary alternatives to bulky chandeliers.

Elegance, Range, and Brightness with New Fixtures

Changing light fixtures in your apartment is the key to a new look. The options are limitless with Color Cord Company’s endless inventory of exciting fixtures. Transform your apartment with a few new lighting pieces today, and enjoy free standard shipping when with orders over $149!

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