boho dining room light fixture idea

Modern Boho Lighting Ideas for Any Space

boho dining room light fixture idea

Bohemian Light Fixtures

Boho style decor draws its inspiration from natural textures, earthy tones, and soothing rounded shapes. When you choose bohemian decor, your space will immediately feel a little lighter and brighter — especially when you incorporate boho lighting ideas into the room.

Whether you need a pendant light, sconce, or floor lamp, Color Cord Company is here with modern boho chic decor inspiration for you. Explore our top ideas to find unique ways to upgrade your environment with a bohemian feel.

1. Natural Shades

Natural materials for light shades are one of the easiest ways to transform your space with a boho lighting idea that doesn’t require a big financial or time investment. You might want to explore woven rattan, palm, and string materials for your shade. Just keep an eye on the shape of your shade to ensure it falls within the modern boho chic decor style. We recommend teardrop, basket, drum, and hive shapes to make a strong statement without losing the natural feel of the design.

2. Wood Accents

One of the reasons that boho decor lightens up your space is due to the pale hues of the natural materials in the designs. We love adding wood accents to our bohemian light fixtures — but you should lean towards light-toned woods like white oak, maple, and birch to match the aesthetic. Consider a floor lamp with a wood stand and a classic drum-shaped shade in a light fabric color. Home in on the eclectic mix-and-match vibe of the boho philosophy when you explore boho lighting ideas that blend different materials like wood, metal, and fabric together.

3. Use Gold

Just because you’re using boho lighting ideas in your space doesn’t mean you can’t use any metal. In fact, gold, copper, and bronze evoke the Mediterranean and Mid-East energy that inspires so much of boho decor. At Color Cord Company, you’ll find that all our lighting fixtures are available in metallic finishes, which you can combine with fabric or woven shades to create the perfect boho look. You can even order your fixture with a matching cord color to ensure continuity throughout your space.

4. Rope & Macrame

Another simple way to customize existing fixtures with boho lighting ideas is adding a rope macrame weave over your fixture’s cord. If you’re a crafter or passionate DIYer, you can buy your own rope to knot around the cord and add a playful and whimsical touch to any existing design. You can even take the simplified route of just wrapping any hemp rope around your cord and gluing it in place.

5. Nature-Inspired Silhouettes

While some boho lighting ideas are all about subtlety that explores nature through hue and material, you can always approach your lighting design with a bolder perspective. Nature-inspired silhouettes, like leaf-shaped shades or floral accents, are strong, obvious choices for bohemian light fixtures. You can take this idea even further with chandelier pendants that have branching arms — just like a tree. Top a brushed copper chandelier with a natural woven shade to create stunning modern boho chic decor.

6. Globe Lanterns

boho living room lighting and decor ideas

Bohemian decor has always been defined by the layered, eclectic look of treasures you’ve collected over time. Even if you haven’t had any far-flung travels, you can always recreate outdoor bazaar or tea house vibes with just a few simple pieces. A plain plug-in pendant with a painted paper globe shade allows you to explore simple DIY projects that personalize your decor for a one-of-a-kind boho lighting idea. 

7. Animal Inspo

Of course, the animal kingdom is obviously part of the boho vibe. You can lean into the more audacious boho lighting ideas by adding an actual animal figurine to your bohemian light fixtures. It doesn’t matter which animal you choose, making it look the part depends on how you layer it with the rest of your decor. While you can find ready-made animal fixtures, we like to take the personal approach by choosing and incorporating our own design into our favorite piece. 

You can follow our tutorial to learn how to rewire a table lamp or sconce with an animal figurine inside it. We highly recommend buying a plastic figurine from your local toy shop and repainting it in neutral or metallic hues to fit in with your theme. 

8. Make It Sculptural

Bringing the “modern” element into your modern boho chic decor isn’t as complicated as you think. While most boho lighting ideas tend towards the rustic, you can add a contemporary twist relatively easily through sculptural shapes that still prioritize natural materials, like wood. Explore some of the more abstract shapes by looking for light fixtures that incorporate sweeping curves and whorls into the design. Have you ever considered how amazing a sculpted wood floor lamp would look with contrasting frosted glass globe shades?

9. Add Tassels

Our final boho lighting idea is another one that allows you to add on to an existing design without too much effort. If you’re wondering what type of accents immediately transform any decor into a bohemian piece, tassels are the answer!

Do you have a bare bulb pendant you just don’t know how to incorporate into your bohemian decor? Glue some neutral tassels onto a geometric bulb cage to invigorate the design and seamlessly blend it into your space.

Turn to Color Cord Company


At Color Cord Company, we can help you completely transform your space with brand new lighting or enhance your existing fixtures with boho accents that minimize cost and effort. Browse our selection of light fixtures or customize your own for the ultimate boho design! You can also explore our DIY articles for inspiration and instructions that cover all types of lighting styles.

From boho lighting ideas to mid-century modern decor, we’re here to help guide you through it all! Need a little more inspiration? Check out our gallery to find unique lighting ideas by room.

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