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A blog post on a blog about blogs. Seem excessive, right? But sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. We all do our best to come up with uniquely original sources, but on the occasion we come up dry. If you are in an inspirational dry spell (a place we often find ourselves), check out these wonderful design and diy blogs. There is an endless supply inspirational interiors and do-it-yourself tutorials to get you inspired and your next project started. Obviously we don't pick favorites, so here they are in no particular order:

  1. Apartment Therapy - If you don't already know about Apartment Therapy, you will probably need therapy from the overwhelming supply of information and design inspiration. They always have their pulse on current trends. I mean, they highlighted colorful light cords over two years ago! 
  2. Design*Sponge - Beware! You will find all of your free time being soaked up by this site. Home tours, free downloads, and the diy tutorials galore will have you staring at your screen for hours.
  3. Remodelista - This is not a home remodel exclusive site! Anybody in need of any source of inspiration will love the endless pages of room inspiration, product recommendations via the design sleuth, and country wide restaurant tours.
  4. The City Sage - Let's just say that Anne Sage gets it. She has an impeccable design aesthetic, and her blog is full of wonderful interiors, delicious recipes, diy projects, and products you'll really want in your space. 
  5. Refinery 29 - If you are one of those people that is much better at dressing a bed than you are yourself, than this site is made for you. It is equal parts fashion, home, beauty, health and entertainment. They even have their eye on sunshine yellow cord! 
  6. Homedit -  Featuring inspiring spaces and projects with a strong focus on architecture, Homedit is sure to have you surfing all the pages of the website. Hopefully you'll land on a an awesome diy project
  7. Kailo Chic - Not only does Kara have an incredible Etsy store, she also has an incredible design sense. Follow all of her home improvements, crafts, and yummy recipes. Our personal favorite of hers is her boldly patterned guest bathroom
  8. HomeMade Modern - If you are itching for a reason to pick up the power tools, HomeMade Modern is your site. These guys have the best diy projects around. We are really digging this diy wood pendant light
  9. A Daily Something - How someone can make so many delicious treats, design such fabulous rooms, and take so many beautiful pictures is beyond us. Rebecca's recent bedroom makeover has had us swooning ever since we saw the first few pictures, I mean check out those light fixtures!  
  10. The Bold Abode - This blog has something against beige, and for good reason. Gwen has a great eye for color, so why would you settle for plain old beige? She recently rewired an awesome vintage light, check out her post to see the color she picked! 
  11. Going Home to Roost - Patterns. Patterns galore! There is an endless supply of patterns, home diy projects, and creative activities to get you going. 
  12. Sugar & Cloth - If you love macaroons as much as we do, than you will absolutely be delighted by Ashley Rose. Sugar & Cloth is full of diys, style advice, and even home decor events that are sure to inspire and motivate a new project in your space. You can also thank Sugar and Cloth for the stunning photos seen in this post from their diy home workshop that featured Color Cord Company pendant lights! 

This post took a lot longer than expected to write because we've been clicking around learning about new trends, finding diy projects, adoring new color schemes and drooling over apartments we wished we lived in. Now we are feeling inspired and motivated with a slew of new project ideas. Let us know what projects these blogs inspired of yours! 

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