A Lesson of Lighting History

A Lesson of Lighting History

Zach Ham

Electricity. Where would we be without it? We here at Color Cord Company certainly wouldn't be where we are today, and you most definitely wouldn't be reading this blog! In order to pay homage to our beloved electricity we honorably named our newest vintage light bulb offerings after the fathers of electricity. 

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Thomas Edison
Edison: This bulb is the quintessential and most versatile vintage light bulb. This bulb is named named after Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first commercially produced incandescent light bulb. The Edison bulb will compliment any lighting project in the most traditional to the most contemporary of spaces while providing beautiful incandescent light.


Ben Franklin

Franklin: What's not to love about Ben Franklin? He is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, a renowned author, and an accomplished scientist. So when it came time to name the larger version of our Edison bulb, Franklin was an easy pick. Use this bulb to add some weight and size that Edison couldn’t. This bulb looks fantastic in any of our bulb cages, paired with numerous other bulb styles, or as a stand alone bulb. 

Alessandro Volta

Volta: This large Globe bulb is named after Alessandro Volta one of the early pioneers in the study of electricity. He is most famous for inventing the first battery, but is also the namesake for the measurement of electricity, the volt. This bulb is the new favorite at Color Cord HQ, it looks stunning in our cages and carries such a large presence when paired with any of our preassembled cord sets. 

James Prescott Joule

Joule: James Prescott Joule was a likable man, who took his brewery business more seriously than any of his scientific discoveries. Joule is responsible for the first law of thermodynamic or the law of conservation energy. The Joule bulb is a victorian style bulb that features a classic “A” style shape and a carbon four loop filament. With a slight amber tint, this bulb is perfect for anybody looking to create some classic ambient lighting. 

Nikola Tesla

Tesla: Nikola Tesla is most famous for his contributions to the modern alternating current electric supply system, and today for being the moniker for the Tesla electric automobiles. Famous for his many inventions and prototypes ranging from early X-ray machines to wireless communications devices it seems fitting to give our most filament fun bulb the Tesla name. The classic “T” shape with criss crossing carbon filaments as some extra pizazz to your lighting. 

Michael Faraday

Faraday: The Faraday tube bulb is one of the most simple yet most impactful bulbs in the Color Cord line up. Michael Faraday is a brilliant scientist best know for his work with electricity and magnetism. He was the chosen father of electricity due to his long last name being most fitting with the length of the tube bulb. Faraday bulb single filament that runs the length of the bulbs takes style a long way.

Choose any of our 6 new styles of Vintage Light Bulbs to add some serious style to your space!

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