8 Other Uses for Decorative Swag Hooks

8 Other Uses for Decorative Swag Hooks

Beau Wynja
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At Color Cord Company, we’re big on creativity. While we love all things related to lighting design, sometimes we get a bit ahead of ourselves and end up with some extra accessories. If you’ve done something similar, you might have ended up with half a dozen or so decorative hooks you might not know how to use.

Don’t worry! Check out these 8 unique ways to use your decorative swag hooks!

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8 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home With Swag Hooks

  1. Hang your coats by the door.
  2. Hang scarves
  3. Unique jewelry displays
  4. Hanging kitchen storage
  5. For large decorative objects
  6. Wind chimes or bells
  7. Hanging plants
  8. Organizing wires and cables

Use Decorative Hooks as Alternative Storage for Small Spaces

Small apartments may have gotten a bad rep, but with millennials and Gen Z-ers economizing on sheer space in favor of expressing their interior decor tastes, studios, tiny houses, and one-bedrooms are making a comeback.

However, smaller spaces like this require a bit of creativity to balance design and utility, especially when it comes to storage. That’s where decorative swag hooks come in! Using decorative hooks, you can maximize any amount of vertical space.

You’ll definitely appreciate this tip if you don’t have room for a free-standing coat rack. Or, if you have a sample-size kitchen to go with your tiny house or studio, you’ll be surprised how much space you can save by using hooks as storage for pots and pans. Just be sure to mount them well (with appropriate anchors for your space) if you’re using hooks to hang heavy objects around the kitchen.

Decorative Storage Hooks for Any Home

Aside from pendant lights, who would have thought macrame and house plants would have made such a huge comeback? If you love the free-spirited look of these knitted pot holders or you’re a fan of indoor jungles, decorative hooks can add a sense of balance to any collection of indoor plants.

You can also use swag hooks with hanging pots to help your plants get more light. Or, if you have long, dangling leafy plants, this is a great option for giving them lots of room to grow.

Using Hooks Outdoors

If you have hooks that are rust or corrosion resistant, you can definitely use them outside as well! Hang wind chimes, birdhouses, and any other decorative elements that can make a garden or patio feel like a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space.

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Shopping for Decorative Swag Hooks

You can find basic swag hooks almost anywhere from hardware shops to big box stores. But we carry a specialized selection of gorgeously designed Swag Hooks you can use almost anywhere. These are durable, high-quality hooks available in a variety of designs and finishes to perfectly fit your home’s unique style.

Explore decorative hooks in more modern, minimalist styles along with basic swag hooks for hanging plants or for bundling cables. Or, discover hooks in stylish finishes like polished copper to add an elegant touch to any room.

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Have any questions about how to use our decorative swag hooks? Explore the rest of our tutorials.

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