Masters of Concrete: Part II

Masters of Concrete: Part II

Zach Ham

These Masters of Concrete are back with more. This time, they thought outside of the pendant light box, and presented us with some stunning and compelling table lamps. This stunner you see below, went above and beyond concrete construction. This stunning piece features Buddy Rhodes concrete, walnut and glass rod. Designed to be paired with a T8 incandescent tube bulb, when lit, this piece really stands out from all of the other table lamps. Our standard cord set in silver was the base product of this piece, the rest was Buddy Rhodes artisan mix and some serious creativity. 

T8 Incandescent Tube Bulb Table Lamp

This table lamp was made by the Buddy Rhodes himself, the original Master of Concrete. This stunner began as a dark magenta cord set, and from there became a table lamp worthy of a position on any table. This piece showcases the amazing things that can be done with pigments and color treatments to your concrete work. 

Master of Concrete Table Lamp

The Grey piece below takes concrete in to a familiar and architectural place, but lighting to somewhere unfamiliar. This lamp looks more like a building than it does a table lamp. Made out of rectangular molded artisanal concrete, this lamp is paired with our standard cord set in red. Form and function can be blurred with some creativity and the proper concrete mix from Buddy Rhodes

Rectangular Molded Concrete Grey Lamp
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