interior lighting design in the kitchen

5 Tips for Adding Personality to Your Studio Apartment Using Lighting & Interior Design

interior lighting design in the kitchen

Studio Apartment Lighting Ideas

Many people feel that their personal spaces need to exude their essence. If you’re living in a smaller area that doesn’t allow you as much room for decorative exploration, we recommend using studio apartment lighting as a way to express your personality. Lighting design is a versatile and underutilized interior decoration strategy to personalize your home in significant ways. With unique light fixtures, you can define a space through architectural personality and aesthetic style. 

Ready to get started on your studio apartment interior design? Check out our recommendations for chic ways to add a little personality to your home with light fixtures!

Barn Lights for a Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style is gaining a lot of popularity for smaller spaces that don’t have room for a ton of interior decor because it has such a powerful visual impact that you don’t need much to make it work. Farmhouse-style lighting can range from barn light fixtures to bulbs dangling from wooden beams – so you have many options to choose from for your studio apartment interior design.

Since barn lights are a little more compact, we recommend using them in sets and as solo pendant lights to enhance your space. Most barn lights are flush-mounted ceiling lights covered by a tapered metal shade to disperse light more efficiently. You can personalize your shade with unique colors, like mint, red, or raw metal. You can also mix and match your studio apartment lighting for an eclectic look that can range from casual beach house to farmhouse.

Era-Specific Fixtures

    60s inspired dining room

    Another way to enhance your studio apartment interior design is by using era-specific fixtures. If you’re looking for the absolute easiest way to make this work, we have great news! The glass globe light shades at Color Cord Company provide an easy way to transform any space into one with a mod 60s vibe. The pill-shaped shade and metallic starburst chandeliers are also a popular option for the 1960s. Still, Color Cord Company offers modular lighting supplies to help you recreate any era with your studio apartment lighting ideas – like the industrial bulb cages of the 40s and 50s or the cement fixture obsession of the 90s.

    Minimalist Design for a Scandinavian Feel

    At Color Cord Company, we love minimalist design that evokes a Scandinavian aesthetic. One of the best ways to approach studio apartment interior design is with a minimalist mindset that allows you to slowly layer more and more personality until you achieve your ideal space. Consider exploring wall sconces and chandeliers that offer austere branched arm designs before exploring possible variations in light bulbs, shades, cages, swag hooks, and cord colors.

    Beachy Vibes with Natural Materials

    We believe that swapping out your shades is the most effortless way to transform your studio apartment lighting. Just like our glass globe shades create a mod 60s aesthetic, natural materials, like rattan, palm, and hemp, also create a defined look and feel. If you’re hoping to design a relaxed, casual space with beachy, coastal, or island energy, woven shades should be your number one choice.

    Change the shades for your kitchen pendant lights or your dining room statement piece into teardrop, basket, or drum shapes made of woven materials, and then layer other home accents to complete your design. Infuse white and blue accent colors for coast decor, green fabrics and broad-leafed indoor plants for island aesthetics, and nautical stripes with ocean creatures for a beach vibe in your studio apartment interior design.

    Colorful Cord Accents

    Our final recommendation for your studio apartment lighting ideas is to use colorful accents in your light fixtures to really make a space your own. Everyone has favorite colors that can be used to accentuate certain features of your home. So, in addition to colors in your throw pillows, curtains, and bedsheets, you should also consider using them in your light fixture cords

    Check out how a single color can completely transmute even the simplest fixtures in our lamp makeover series.

    Bring Your Home to Life

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