All Signs Point to Neon

All Signs Point to Neon

Zach Ham


This is it Neon Sign by Color Cord

This is it. We are excited to announce our brand new Neon Collection. Featuring five new, bright, and bold colors, our neon collection is sure to update or create a stunning light fixture. The Neon Collection comprises of a Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Coral, and Neon Pink. But now that it’s nearly 2015 we have to think of neon differently than we did in the 80’s. Get those heinous hammer pants out of your brain, and lets start thinking of modern way to show incorporate our favorite fluorescent hues in our lighting.

Neon Orange Wire by Color Cord


This modern loft setting was practically screaming for us to give it a dramatic and long pendant light fixture. We first created a Neon Orange pendant light cord that features the new Neon Orange DIY Bulk cord and our Neon Orange Silicone Socket Cover for a simple exposed bulb application. We then took our Petite Silicone Shade kit with our white cloth covered cord and created a second pendant. After hanging the pendant lights on a hook in the ceiling we created an artistic knot with our spare cord to add some interest to the fixture and wall. This knot looks great, but also allows us to anchor the cord flat on the wall.

Neon Coral Wire by Color Cord


The most unique color to come out of our Neon Collection has to be the Neon Coral cloth covered wire. Not quite orange and not quite pink, but most definitely neon, Neon Coral is sure to add that special something to any space. This Khaki drum shade beautifully compliments the Neon Coral color, and makes this color combination appropriate for even the most traditional of spaces.

Neon Pink Wire by Color Cord


For a modern interpretation of neon, pair your neon cord with a rich neutral color. We took our new Neon Pink DIY Bulk Cord with our Chocolate Brown Bulk Cord to create a simple pendant cluster. With the bright contrast in the cord colors, the industrial flat top socket covers and classic Edison bulbs provide some simple and traditional elements to the fixture. Add a knot, like the figure 8 knot you see here, for some added visual interest. This style pendant cluster is nearly limitless in its iterations and variations, so be sure to share yours with us!

Neon Yellow Wire by Color Cord

Our least hard working but most valued employee here at Color Cord Company was the inspiration behind this Neon Yellow pendant light. Keeping things clean and modern, we simply paired this stunning new color with a white Flat Top metal socket cover and a silver mirrored bulb. The truly Neon Yellow color gets to take the stage (or at least best supporting actress to Pennelope) by using a simple color palate for the accessories and avoids a dated 1980’s look.

Neon Green Wire by Color Cord

We here at Color Cord Company are not immune to the infectious holiday spirit, and were inspired by a classic holiday color combination when we created this holiday pendant light. Our new Neon Green colored cord, brass keyed socket and red industrial cage make for a delightfully spirited holiday pendant. If you are giving or have received the gift of Color Cord Company this holiday season be sure to share it with us! We would love to see how Color Cord has been used in your space.

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