12 Projects of Christmas - Project #7 Vessel Shade

12 Projects of Christmas - Project #7 Vessel Shade 

Purchased at a department store, we modified a wooden vase to function as a single pendant shade.

Color Cord Product You'll Need

Cloth Covered Electrical Wire

Single Port Canopy

Basic Ivory Socket

Flat Top Metal Socket Covers

Metal Barrel Male Cord Grips

1/8 IPS Tubing

1/8 IPS Coupler

Metal Barrel Female Cord Grip

Step 1: Measuring and Taping 
To prepare for designing the vase with an Aztec pattern, we measured appropriately, taped off portions of the vase and applied the stencil to the center.   

Step 2: Painting

We went around the vase several times with the stencil and then proceeded to tape off the top and bottom and spray paint bold white stripes. 

Step 3: Drilling
Using a 1/8" drill bit, find the center of the bottom of the vase and simply drill through it!  Make sure the hole is 1/8" so it can easily fit our Cloth Covered Electrical Cord and DIY Lamp Parts.  Next, we'll build our Single Port Ceiling Pendant!
Step 4: Wiring a Single Port Ceiling Pendant
If you need step by step instructions on wiring our sockets, check out our video How To Wire Ivory Sockets.  
Step 5: Securing Pendant to Vase Shade
To obtain a secure fit, we used a piece of all thread rod over the cord and threaded it through the hole in the vase.  You can pick up all thread rod at any hardware store.  Our 1/8 IPS DIY Lamp Parts are compatible with all thread, so we gave it a clean finish with some 1/8 IPS Tubing, a Coupler and a Female Metal Barrel Cord Grip.  Finally, we threaded the canopy with our Cloth Covered Electrical Wire and secured it with the canopy set screw.
Step 6: Enjoy your Vessel!
Send us photos of your DIY Holiday Projects and stay tuned, the 8th Project of Christmas is coming soon!