12 Projects of Christmas - Project #10 Succulamp

12 Projects of Christmas - Project #10 Succulamp

With a little help from Mother Nature, we made an earthy 4 port chandelier using our DIY Parts and Cloth Covered Wire!

Color Cord Product You'll Need:

Cloth Covered Electrical Cord

5-Port Canopy

Basic Ivory Sockets

Metal Barrel Male Cord Grips

Metal Barrel Female Cord Grips

Flat Top Metal Socket Covers

1/4 IPS Cap Finial


Step 1: Prepping
We started with drilling into four of the existing eight holes on the floral craft ring to ensure that our four pendants made up of Cloth Covered Electrical Wire and Cord Grips easily fit through the opening.  Then, we painted the floral craft ring a dark forest green.

Step 2: Wiring Four Pendants
If you need step by step instructions on wiring a ceiling pendant, check out our video on How To Wire Ivory Sockets.

Step 3: Wiring a 3-Port Ceiling Canopy
Next we altered our 5-port Canopy to become a 4-Port Canopy using our 1/4 IPS Cap Finial.  We do offer Custom Canopy production if you need a particular number of ports!
Step 4: Designing the Floral Ring
This step is where all the fun hangs out!  We took stylistic freedom with a random assortment of moss and succulents and super glued them to the floral craft ring.
Step 5: Assessing Pendant Lengths and Installation

We sandwiched the floral craft ring between our female and male cord grips and secured them with the set screw.  The pendant drop length is up to you, but we chose to have them drop roughly six inches from the craft ring.  Send us photos of your DIY Holiday Projects!