Paint it Gold:  How to Make a DIY Gold PVC Pipe Table Lamp

Paint it Gold: How to Make a DIY Gold PVC Pipe Table Lamp

gold DIY PVC pipe table lamp

DIY PVC Pipe Lamp Design

If you’re interested in creating your own DIY table lamp, Color Cord Company has the tutorial you need to create something unique. Check out our golden guide to create a custom DIY gold lamp today.

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Introduction Our Inspiration Materials Instructions Some Notes About the DIY Table Lamp Conclusion


When in doubt, paint it gold! That’s what we say here at Color Cord Company. We were inspired to build a DIY table lamp, but we wanted to take it a step further and paint it an elegant color that elevates the design and every space you put it in. 

So with gold on our minds, we hit the hardware store to explore their various materials and see what we could use to bring our vision to life.

Our Inspiration

The adventure of building a DIY gold lamp began at our local hardware store, where we found ourselves in the PVC pipe aisle. Within this aisle, the golden idea was born: an affordable DIY table lamp made out of PVC pipe. Since we were using plastic piping to create this lamp, gold was the color it had to be. We also decided to pair the golden hue of our DIY PVC pipe lamp design with a blush-colored cloth covered lamp cord to complement our golden lamp structure.


supplies for a DIY PVC table lamp

Below, you can see all of the components of this DIY table lamp. All of the PVC pipe can come courtesy of your local hardware store, and the electrical components courtesy of the Color Cord DIY lighting accessories

Here’s the material and cost breakdown:


gold table lamp

Now that you have all the PVC pipe components and essential light fittings, follow our instructions to assemble your DIY gold lamp.

  1. Paint each individual component of the DIY table lamp with gold spray paint
  2. Assemble the PVC pipe components with two elbows at each end of the cross
  3. Spray paint the PVC pipe one more time so you won’t need to use glue
  4. Run the Blush cloth covered cord through the bottom of the PVC and out the top
  5. Wire the removable plug end to the bottom of the cord
  6. Wire the bulb socket to the top part of the cord
  7. Attach the bulb cage over the bulb socket with the included screws
  8. Screw in your light bulb

Some Notes About the DIY Table Lamp

There are a few things to note about the DIY PVC pipe lamp design. The first important note to keep in mind is that we recommend you purchase a raw finish metal bulb cage instead of one of our golden finishes to ensure you can color-match it to your spray paint. 

Our raw metal finishes are designed to be painted over, and you can guarantee the golden hue is exactly the same as the spray paint you buy. There are so many different shades of gold, you don’t want to end up with one that’s just slightly off from our gold finish.

The second note is that simply threading the blush-colored lamp cord through the PVC pipe means it will be adjustable. If you’re happy with that configuration, leave it as is! However, you can make your DIY gold lamp a little more stable when you add a swag hook at the bottom of the lamp cord where you plug it in. We recommend a pinch swag hook or a cord stay that will hold your cord in place against the wall. Buy your accessories in raw metal so you can spray paint them to match the rest of your gold hardware.

Finally, our PVC pipe measurements are designed to match our personal preference for shape and size, but you have endless configuration options that can help you personalize your DIY table lamp

Create your own crazy shapes when you experiment with unusual attachments! Just remember to provide a clear path for your cloth covered cord to thread from each end of your lamp. And if your cloth covered cord isn’t long enough to plug into an outlet, you can always add a colored extension cord in the same hue to extend your reach.


gold DIY table lamp GIF

Using PVC is a great option to create your own lamp with lots of style, while not spending too much of your own personal gold. We think the possibilities are endless, and as usual, we would love to see what you DIYers out there come up with. 

So post your own PVC pipe project, or any other lighting project on our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pages to share your creativity with the crowd. Who knows, you might inspire someone else to make their own DIY table lamp!

Have questions about this project? Reach out to our team with any questions today!

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