Custom Lighting Projects

Dreaming up a fixture beyond what you can build in our lighting customizer? We are happy to consult, design, and build the custom fixture you’re after. Our custom lighting abilities are only limited by your imagination and the laws of physics. At Color Cord Company, we’ve worked with tons of architects, designers, and specialty builders to develop their ideas and bring their vision to life. We have experience designing unique light fixtures for residential buildings as well as restaurants, hotels, and other commercial environments. Let us take the lead and help you assemble and UL list your new lighting fixtures.

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Large Scale Architecture

Color Cord Company continues to provide custom large scale lighting projects for some incredible spaces. These custom lighting projects are the beautiful finishing touch for any project. Designed in collaboration with our expert team of project designers, these one-of-a-kind light fixtures are perfect for large office, multi-family, or private residential projects that require a bespoke touch. If you have a space or project that is in need of unique light fixtures, our team is here to help.

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Custom Canopies

Sometimes one, three, or five just won't work — and we understand that! That’s why you can use our custom canopy tool to create distinct canopies in nearly any shape, size, color, and material. Need a nine-port fixture? You can design that. Let us know what type of custom lighting you're interested in, and we can get you what you need!

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Artist Collaborations

At Color Cord Company, our ability to create bespoke custom lighting fixtures is due to our incredible partners. A veritable host of woodworkers, glassblowers, metalworkers, and other artisans can create unique light fixtures of any design and style for any interior purpose and space. From the first stroke of pencil on paper to digital modeling and UL listing, we transform your ideas and inspirations into the real thing. Give us your exacting specifications and our team will deliver what you need.

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Do you find yourself bidding for vintage one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures online? Are you frequently dumpster diving for random objects that could be made into unique and beautiful light fixtures? Have you found an old object and wanted to screw a light bulb in it? Maybe you purchased a beautiful light fixture in a foreign country, only to realize it won't work in your home?

No matter what the challenge, Color Cord Company has got a solution that can help! Our team is full of artisans and lighting experts that are driven by the same passion for custom lighting that inspires you to design and create. From vintage and foreign fixtures to found objects and dumpster discoveries, we can convert anything into a safe, functional lighting masterpiece. There is no project too big or small, too weird or boring, that we won’t tackle!

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Not into DIY, but you want a custom lighting fixture? Well, look no further than Color Cord Company because our fixtures are here and ready for installation into your space. Best of all, our Customize tool allows YOU to design your very own fixture and specify every single component. Now you can have the perfect setup for your space without the hassle of assembly. Each fixture is hand assembled using Color Cord Company products in the USA and UL listed. Design your dream light here!

Custom Fixtures

But Wait, There's More!

Color Cord Company does all things lighting. We have the ability to manufacture custom plug-in and hardwire fixtures, custom color cloth covered wire, custom shades, custom bulbs, private label, and much more. The Color Cord Company team wants you to let your imagination run wild. No request is too small and no project is too big for us to handle.

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Who we have worked with

Color Cord Company works with a wide range of businesses in order to provide colorful and functional custom lighting. We can collaborate, act as back up to your design genius, or do all the work for you. Reach out to our team today to get started now!

Custom Lighting Project Inspiration

View full custom projects, collaborations and implementations of our unique light fixtures and products.