Neutral living room design with a grey couch, neutral light fixtures, wicker furnishing, and subtle earthy colors for accents

Using Light Fixtures to Add Color to Your Neutral Living Room

Meggan Wynja

Interior Design Neutrals

We love a neutral living room. It’s modern, minimalist, and gives your space a Scandinavian flair, all while serving as an ideal canvas to experiment with other palettes. While interior design neutrals can be great in any living space, they can fall a little flat without some touches of accent color or other unique elements to make the space feel welcoming and help it speak to your own vibe.

At Color Cord Company, we believe you can get creative with any kind of aesthetic with artful and creative uses of color, as this is the easiest way to add energy and life to your space. We also think that you can accomplish your goal by using light fixtures as they are key to your interior decor. 

If you’re wondering how to add color to your neutral living room using light fixtures, take a look at some of our top recommendations here!

1. Using Colorful Cloth-Covered Wire

    With over 100 different colors and patterns, using colorful lamp cord to add color to your neutral living is a breeze — and you don’t even have to change out the entire light fixture to do it. 

    Simply choose the color and length of cord you want from our collection, select the plug-in fixture you want to update, and check our How To articles to find the right resources for your type of fixture or DIY project.

    Color Cord Recommendations

    If you’re not sure where to start with cord colors, our team can help. Check out which colors look best with each type of interior design neutral:

    • Grey Neutrals: Violet, Gold, or Pink
    • Beige Neutrals: Greens or Blues
    • Black & White Neutrals: Ochre, Green, or Yellow
    • Peach Neutrals: Blue, Brown, or Red

    How you add color to your neutral living room is up to you, but we suggest using only one or two accent colors. Some will warm up cool colors (like how pink or salmon hues affect grey tones), while others cool down warm colors (like how blue tones interact with deep orange or earthy reds ). Play with swatches before making your final choice to ensure you like how the colors affect your interior design neutrals.

    2. Boutique Lighting Colors

    orange color cord accent color in blue/grey neutral living room

    One of the easiest ways to use light fixtures to color up your interior design neutrals is with a creative upgrade of your lighting using all-in-one products. 

    Our latest boutique collection features a sophisticated, down-to-earth palette that draws from mid-century colors as well as contemporary trends: colors like Rust, Pine, Ochre, Palisade, Slate, Linen, and Latte. All of these earthy tones are just a step away from neutral, so they can contrast with your interior, but don’t overwhelm the eye with an aggressive pop of color.

    3. Subtle Hardware Finishes

    You might think that the cord color or the shade is the true reason your light fixture stands out against your interior design neutrals, but hardware finishes have a huge effect too! 

    From the canopy on a flush mount ceiling light to the sockets and covers of a pendant light, choosing the right finish to complement your decor is essential.

    Regardless of which neutrals you have in your space, we have the right option for you in our finish selection. Our standard finishes include metallic hues, like Solid Raw Brass, Brushed Nickel, Raw Metal (which oxidizes naturally), and Polished Copper. 

    We also have a selection of full-color hardware finishes in every color of the rainbow to guarantee you match your color cord. If you can’t find the right color for your tubings and fittings, visit our customization station to create a fixture in the perfect color from the ground up.

    4. Colorful Shades

    turquoise shade in beige living space

    Don’t shy away from choosing a boldly colored light shade! You can find a variety of shade styles in nearly any color to complement your interior design neutrals. Wondering how to add color to your neutral living room with a retro theme? How about a metal shade in a minty green hue? Trying to liven up a coastal grandma-themed living room with the perfect hue? Consider a stormy grey basket shade or an ocean blue fabric shade with a matching color cord.

    Shade Types

    There are a variety of shade types that can change or enhance the aesthetic of the interior design neutrals in your living room. Each style will fit a certain theme. Here are a few of the basic themes and materials to get you started:

    • Metal Shades: Depending on the shape and hue, metal shades can skew industrial, retro, farmhouse, or rustic.
    • Fabric Shades: This shade material is most commonly found in mid-century modern, boho, and minimalist homes.
    • Natural Shades: Typically woven in baskets or drums, these shades are ideal for coastal, shabby chic, and boho aesthetics.
    • Glass Shades: Glass designs are often available in globe, cone, and pill shapes to provide variety for vintage, contemporary, and Art Deco decor.

    5. Standout Bulb Cages

      Our last recommendation for different ways to use light fixtures to add color to your living room is using bulb cages. With our selection of cage shapes and sizes, you can enhance an exposed light bulb with something a little bit extra. Once you’ve chosen the style that works best for you, explore over 10 different colors, including Turquoise, Olive, and Red.

      We also offer our cages and other metal components in a finish called Raw Metal. This finish is designed to oxidize if left untreated, but you can also paint it in any color your heart desires to DIY a pop of color that perfectly complements your interior design neutrals.

      Start Designing

      Now that you have some ideas of how to add color to your neutral living room, you can start experimenting with your favorites. Shop Color Cord Company to find just the right accessories to complete an existing fixture or redesign your whole living room from scratch with our ready-made or custom fixture options!

      And don’t forget to share your completed design with us when you tag our social media accounts!

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