curved design elements in a kitchen

Using Curved Lines in Interior Design & Lighting

Beau Wynja

curved design elements in a kitchen

Curved Interior Design

Interior design is always evolving and changing. From Scandinavian minimalism that encourages straight lines and hard edges to bohemian decor that plays with texture and color, there’s definitely a style for everyone. However, there are certain design styles that make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in a room. One such aesthetic trick involves curves.

Research has actually shown that your brain activity is different when you’re in a room that has rounded, curved interior decor. At Color Cord Company, we’d like to introduce you to a few ways you can add this nuanced element into your space through simple lighting and design. Explore our blog today to learn about curved lines in interior design and how you can transform your environment with a few key changes.

1. Bedroom

    Your bedroom should feel like the most comforting space in your home, so you really want to integrate that curved interior design wherever possible. Some key ways you can soften this room include:

    2. Living Room

      curved interior design for living rooms

      In this space, you’re hosting friends and family, so creating a welcoming, homey feel is essential. Here are our recommendations curved lines in interior design for this essential space:

      • Curved bar or countertops
      • Plush sofas with concave seating
      • Oversized accent nest chair
      • Globe shades for chandeliers or wall sconces
      • Oval mirrors and framed artwork
      • Curving floor lamps
      • Rounded coffee tables

      If you do want angular pieces to contrast all the curved interior decor, you may want to explore swirling prints and patterns on these pieces. Consider square rugs with brocade, chintz, jacquard, ogee, and toile designs.

      3. Kitchen

      Many of the typical shapes in the kitchen are harsh and angular, as there aren’t a lot of functional ways to introduce curved lines in interior design in cabinets, fridges, microwaves, stoves, and other essentials. However, you can still soften these hard lines with a few simple accents (or dramatic pieces), including:

      • Curved island or countertop
      • Round and oval pendant light fixtures
      • Backsplashes with curved patterns or tiles
      • Curving vases, utensil holders, and other accessories
      • Cabinets with round knobs

      4. Bathroom

        curved interior design for bathrooms

        While the bathroom is a small space, there are plenty of ways to incorporate curved lines in interior design here. These will be small luxury finishes that may encourage you to get creative with your curved interior decor, like:

        • Curved shower wall – think spa styles
        • Rounded, freestanding tub
        • Oval mirrors over the vanity
        • Dome or tapered light shades for wall sconces
        • Curvy lines for sink and bath fixtures
        • Curved sink basin

        Even though we recommend incorporating curved lines into your home, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have any straight lines! Design and decor are all about balance, so pick and choose the right pieces to blend curves and straight lines in a comfortable, cohesive way.

        5. Curved Interior Design in Public Spaces

          Since circular lines and curves create soothing and luxurious-feeling spaces, many businesses strive to incorporate them into their decor. From office buildings and restaurants to retail spaces and spas, they can all benefit from curved lines in interior design. Some of the most common ideas for this decor style include:

          • Arched doorways and entrances
          • Curved couches in the reception area
          • Globe light fixtures
          • Circular tile patterns
          • Half-circle reception desks
          • Sweeping tables and chairs

          Restaurant spaces and reception areas, in particular, can take advantage of curved lines in interior design, as their furniture and decor accents provide them plenty of opportunity to play with arches, globes, and waves.

          Start Decorating Now

          curved lines in interior design for restaurants

          With these ideas to help you incorporate curved lines into interior design in your home or commercial space, you can start a comprehensive transformation. Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to spend a fortune changing everything up. We love DIYing vintage finds and thrift store bargains into unique artwork, custom lighting, and more!

          Check out the blog for DIY lighting design ideas we love, projects you can do with your family, and so much more! You’ll even find wiring tips and lighting tips from the experts.

          Looking to get started with new light fixtures for curved lines in interior design right now? Check out our Color Cord Company Yard Sale first!

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