bedroom with low ceiling and multi-port swagged globe light fixture by color cord company

Tips & Tricks for Lighting Rooms with Low Ceilings

Beau Wynja

bedroom with low ceiling and multi-port swagged globe light fixture by color cord company

Low Ceiling Design Tricks

While the standard height for ceilings in modern homes is generally around nine feet, in some apartments and houses, you’ll find that the ceilings are lower than you expect. Whether an architect made a unique design choice or there’s a second floor taking away ceiling height from the first, you might have lower ceilings that affect your lighting design.

At Color Cord Company, we’re here to help ensure you can still create a bright, airy space – no matter how high or low your ceiling – with low-ceiling design tricks to fit your needs. Explore our low-ceiling lighting ideas here and discover low-ceiling light fixtures in our collections today!

1. A Layered Approach

We’ve talked about layered lighting before in every type of space because it helps light a room functionally and stylishly. With layered low-ceiling lights, you have a slightly more complex job when trying to ensure your atmosphere is inviting, but it’s still possible. With a combination of different low-ceiling light fixtures and accent pieces, you can get the ambient lighting you want without losing out because of your ceiling height.

Our rule for layering lighting on top of what you choose for your ceiling fixtures is to make sure all your standing lamps and wall sconces fall slightly above the eye-line of your guests. You’ll need a set above eye level when people are standing, usually wall sconces and standing lamps, as well as a set above eye level when people are seated, generally table lamps. This low ceiling design trick combines all three styles with ceiling lights for comprehensive design.

2. Use Accent Lamps

Color Cord globe wall sconce with red cord on a blue-green wall and wood sidetable surrounded by plants

Whether you decide to use only standing lamps, only table lamps, or opt for wall sconces as a unique take on a lamp, these low-ceiling light fixtures are an essential part of your lighting plan. Your accent lamps are perfect for placing in the darkest corners of your space, as well as intimate areas that need low-level lighting for people who are spending time seated or lying down. Table lamps are especially ideal for bedside tables in bedrooms, accent tables in living rooms, and buffets or sideboards in dining rooms.

Using these lights for low ceilings ensures a complete sense of decor and helps you express your personality with unique lamp styles that fit in with your aesthetic.

3. Mount Wall Sconces

Many people dismiss wall sconces as viable light fixtures because they envision them only on the outside of a home or to illuminate art pieces and accent decor. In fact, wall sconces are a favorite low ceiling light of ours because certain styles can bounce light off the ceiling to make it seem like you have more fixtures than you actually do! 

Instead of using clear shades or naked bulbs, look for wall sconces that have directed shades. Many shades are designed to ensure the light from the bulb hits a specific piece of art on the wall or mounted beneath it, but you can also find shades that direct all the light toward the ceiling – allowing it to bounce around more and diffuse the light throughout your space.

4. Choose Low-Profile Ceiling Lights

A low-profile ceiling light fixture keeps the physical design of the piece from hanging too low. In these cases, you want to skip out on the pendant lights and opt for pieces that will hug the ceiling – like flush and semi-flush styles. They provide the same illumination as a chandelier or pendant light without taking up the same amount of space.

Additionally, updating your ceiling flush mount can add a fresh, low-profile, and contemporary appeal in your low-ceiling light design. 

Our flush-mounted options explore unique shades and metallic accents to ensure an updated style that belongs in the 21st century. While we offer plenty of modern aesthetics, we also have a few throwback styles with a modern twist – like frosted glass globe shades that evoke the 60s or brightly painted triangular metal shades that explore the 70s. 

Use our shades as a low ceiling design trick to manipulate and diffuse your flush-mounted ceiling lights in new and unique ways for your space.

5. Finish With A Mirror

Even though it’s not a light fixture, a mirror can have a huge effect on the lights in your space. They make a room feel larger and bounce the light around even better than light-colored walls. 

While wall-mounted mirrors are a great choice, you may also want to consider standing mirrors and desk mirrors that you can angle to better catch the illumination from low ceiling lights. Our go-to design trick is to place a wall-mounted mirror across from a window to reflect the light all around the room during daytime hours.

Unique Lighting for Unique Spaces

Whether you’re moving into a new space or you’re working on an interior redesign, Color Cord Company can help you find the perfect light fixture for all of the unique spaces in your home. From choosing the best placement for low ceiling lights to exploring customized light fixture styles, we cover it all! 

Check out our blog for more design tips or start exploring our store for customizable fixtures.

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